News Archive November 1-15, 2012

Diplomats Hint At European Union Military Intervention In Mali
International Business Times, November 15, 2012 – The European Union is warming up to the idea of sending its own troops to Mali, a West African country where Islamist insurgents have taken over a swath of land the size of France.
EU Urges Nations to Step Up Power, Gas Market Integration – Bloomberg Businessweek, November 15, 2012 – The European Union urged the bloc’s national governments to step up integration of power and natural-gas markets in order to reduce energy prices and ensure secure supplies.

ECOWAS Urged To Force Compliance To Community Court’s Decisions
JollofNews (Senegal, Gambia), November 15, 2012 – The ECOWAS Commission has committed to working towards ending a trend of defiance by member states towards the ECOWAS Community Courts of Justice (ECCJ).

Dorokhin’s visit to north Azerbaijan causes suspicion – political scientist – News.AZ, November 15, 2012 – President Putin puts forward the idea to join Azerbaijan to the Eurasian Union in the future. Azerbaijan does not see itself in this union for just reason. Therefore, maybe SADVAL has been put forward again as a means of pressure.

Obama seeks comprehensive immigration reform in early 2013
Reuters, November 14, 2012 – “Before the election, I had given a couple of interviews where I predicted that the Latino vote was going to be strong and that that would cause some reflection on the part of Republicans about their position on immigration reform. I think we’re starting to see that already,” Obama said at his first press conference since winning re-election.
Why Republicans Are Suddenly Pro-Immigration Reform – The Atlantic, November 14, 2012 – The GOP establishment has long wanted to pass comprehensive immigration reform but been cowed by its activist base. Tuesday’s election gave them an opening.
[This must be seen in its context toward a “free flow” of people and commerce within a North American continental perimeter. This “free flow” is a key goal of all the world’s geopolitical regional integration programs to eliminate the sovereignty of nations under regional governance.]

Austerity protests stall several European nations
Times Herald-Record |Associated Press, November 15, 2012 – Hundreds of thousands of Europe’s beleaguered citizens went on strike or snarled the streets of several capitals Wednesday, at times clashing with riot police, as they demanded that governments stop cutting benefits and create more jobs.
EU: new aid to Egypt partly tied to IMF loan – Seattle Times, November 14, 2012 – The European Union will release about half of a 1.2 billion euro package of grants and loans to Egypt….Austerity measures, such as reducing costly fuel subsidies and reforming the tax system, are conditions of the IMF loan that are likely to raise objections.

Austerity is here to stay, and we’d better get used to it – The Guardian (London), November 14, 2012 – We think we know all about the rise of Asia and the decline of the west. But we’ve barely begun to grasp what it really means.

Chinese premier to attend ASEAN Summits
China Daily, November 15, 2012 – The Summits will bring together all ASEAN leaders and ASEAN’s dialogue country leaders including US President Barack Obama, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.
Can the eurozone crisis stop Asia’s economic integration?
Thailand Business News, November 15, 2012 – Integration in ASEAN and in Asia has been market driven, outward oriented, and institution light. Conversely, the European project was conceived and driven by politicians, and is internally oriented and institution heavy.

Abbas calls for urgent Arab League meeting on Israel’s Gaza strikes
Haaretz (Israel), November 14, 2012 – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on Wednesday for an urgent Arab League meeting on Israel’s strikes on Gaza, Egypt’s news agency MENA said, quoting a Palestinian official in Egypt.
EU-Arab League ministers announce Cairo Declaration
Daily News (Egypt), November 14, 2012 – Foreign ministers participating in the EU-Arab League ministerial meetings put together the Cairo Declaration on Tuesday….In the declaration the ministers welcomed the formation of the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces…

Africa opens up
Financial Mail, November 15, 2012 – A concerted effort by African leaders to form a mega African free trade area made up of three major African regions – the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa (Comesa) – is under way. Once established, this integrated regional bloc will have a market of about 600m people. This is more than half of the continent’s population…
Pax Aufricana: Who is paying for the African Union anyway? (1) – Modern Ghana, November 14, 2012 – According to the authors, program costs for key institutions, such as the Pan-African Parliament(PAP); the Human Rights Commission (ACHPR); the African Court (AfCHPR); NEPAD Planning Commission Agency (NPCA); the Commission on International Law(AUCIL); the Anti-Corruption Board and the Committee on the Rights and Welfare of Children (ACRWC) are all paid for by external donors!

SAARC regional standard of goods to be maintained
Republica (Nepal), November 14, 2012 – The standard is likely to come into force from 2013 and the member states are working to maintain the regional standard accordingly…

New World Bank Group Strategy for Yemen
The FINANCIAL, November 14, 2012 – Close coordination with the United Nations, the Gulf Cooperation Council and other bilateral partners will ensure the recovery and development of Yemen has the full backing of the international community.

Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Meeting
Australian Minister for Trade and Competitiveness, November 15, 2012 – Today’s meeting comes just ahead of the CER’s 30th anniversary in 2013. To mark the occasion, the Australian and New Zealand Productivity Commissions are preparing a joint report to identify possible reforms to boost productivity, increase competitiveness and drive deeper economic integration.

GCC ministers sign major security agreement (Dubai, UAE), November 14, 2012 – The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) interior ministers have signed a major security agreement, seen as “a crucial move forward towards full security integration”.

Baby Step?: Foreign party leaders meet with Armenian peers concerning Eurasian Union
Armenia Now, November 14, 2012 – Interparty discussions in Yerevan devoted to the idea of the Eurasian Union have skipped the attention of mass media, despite the fact that representatives of Russia’s, the Ukraine’s and Kazakhstan’s ruling parties have had separate meetings with the Armenian prime minister and a number of local lawmakers.
We have to negotiate with Turkey on its joining the Eurasian Union – Vestnik Kavkaza (Russia), November 14, 2012 – Turkey has no chances to access the European Union. They need a deep integration with anyone. They could do it within the Customs Union or the Eurasian Union. A more serious dialogue at the party level is needed – between United Russia and the Party of Justice and Development. We have to carry out a dialogue on humanitarian topics, including what eurasianism is, and develop the concept of eurasianism together. – Sergey Markov, the deputy head of the Inter-Committee Working Group on International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy, on relations between Russia and Turkey

Re-Elected Obama Has No Reason to Block Keystone Pipeline
Bloomberg, November 13, 2012 – Since then, the company has rerouted and….now Obama has won re-election, removing any need to pretend the pipeline’s surpassing value to U.S. energy security is undermined by its environmental risks.

Standardized banking rules for Asean pushed
Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 13, 2012 – BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr. said that under the plan, a bank in one Asean country would be allowed to operate in another member-country under the same terms and conditions that applied to local banks.

Risks and Challenges of UNASUR’s First Primary Training Aircraft Program, November 14, 2012 (Google translation) – The Defense Minister Arturo Puricelli, led a few days in Buenos Aires, the third stage of the meetings held by delegations of the countries in the region working on the project “the first objective of technological development that aims to achieve the Council South Defence Union of South American Nations: the primary training aircraft UNASUR-core 1 “. This initiative is part of the 2012 Action Plan was agreed in November last year at the extraordinary meeting of the South American Defense Council in Lima, Peru.
Peru Taking Hard Measures Against Corruption – Prensa Latina, November 13, 2012 – Prime Minister Juan Jimenez….said in advance that the countries of Unasur could apply the politics of the European Union in the matter, for which is not necessary a judicial process of extradition so that a criminal processed by corruption is given to the required country.
East, Southern African Groupings Begin Talks On Giant Free Trade Area
Bernama (Malaysia), November 14, 2012 – Patrick Wamoto, said the talks were aimed at harmonising trade and investment frameworks of the East African Community (EAC), the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (Comesa) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to create a grand free trade area.

Adding Substance To SAARC: India-Sri Lanka Experience – Analysis
Eurasia Review, November 13, 2012 – ASEAN took nearly three decades to gather full momentum; the EU took even longer – nearly four decades – to master its act. Compared to this, the progress made by SAARC in two and a half decades of active existence is not too bad. But the sad truth is SAARC has remained a potted plant.

The Future of Middle East Regionalism: Can an Institutional Desert Bloom?
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), November 12, 2012 – The most prominent shift has been the apparent reinvigoration of the Arab League. For decades, the League was a paragon of fecklessness and lowest-common denominator policies, offering Arab regimes a convenient scapegoat. Last year, the League suddenly sprang into action over Libya…
AL recognizes new Syrian opposition coalition as representative of Syrian people – Xinhua (China), November 13, 2012 – The Arab League (AL) on Monday recognized the newly-formed Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces as the “representative of the aspirations of Syrian people,” said Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani after a meeting of Arab foreign ministers.Before the meeting, the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC) also recognized the new Syrian opposition…

Gulf Cooperation Council Recognizes Syrian Opposition Bloc
RIA Novosti (Russia), November 13, 2012 – The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GSC) has recognized the newly formed coalition of the Syrian opposition as the “legitimate representative” of the Syrian people and urged the international community to support this entity.

Search for political union takes shape
Standard Digital News (Kenya), November 13, 2012 – East Africa’s long search for a political Federation, the ultimate goal of the regional integration, has started taking shape. East African Community (EAC) member States have broken new grounds with a proposal by a team of experts to adopt a new structure similar to Tanzanian model (Tanganyika/Zanzibar) headed by a single President ruling for a year.

Police State North America: The U.S.-Canada Integrated Cybersecurity Agenda
Center for Research on Globalization, November 13, 2012 – In a move that received little attention, both countries recently announced a joint cybersecurity action plan. Cyber threats know no national borders which has made the issue an important security concern. A fully integrated North American security perimeter would be entrusted with preventing and responding to any such attacks.
TransCanada Expects Keystone XL Approval After Obama Re-election
Fox Business, (This article was originally published Friday.) Published November 12, 2012 Dow Jones Newswires – November 9, 2012 – TransCanada Corp. (TRP) still expects to receive White House approval for its 830,000-barrels-a-day Keystone XL pipeline project after President Barack Obama’s re-election, the company said Wednesday.

Spain expressed interest in participating in Defense Council of UNASUR
Latercera (Santiago, Chile), November 13, 2012 – The intention was expressed by the Minister of Defence of Spain, Pedro Morenés, during a meeting with his Peruvian counterpart, Pedro Cateriano.
Spanish government will cooperate with Peru in building training ship – Andina (Peru), November 12, 2012 – Finally, the Minister of Defense of Spain told him Cateriano the interest of his country in search for the mechanism to Spain’s participation in the South American Defense Council of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

Expert: Eurasian integration gives Belarus access to strategic projects with China
Belarusian Telegraph Agency, November 12, 2012 – This allows us to say that the goal of the Eurasian integration is to create a bloc that will be focused on cooperation with the European Union and China.
Russia and Kazakhstan have only one prospect – Vestnik Kavkaza (Russia), November 13, 2012 – I believe that, using the experience of the EU, we can avoid many mistakes in the future Eurasian Economic Union. I mean that the European parliament in the EU did not have the necessary functions that would allow it to avoid certain mistakes, particularly in the emissionary policy in the eurozone crisis. Therefore, I am positive about the future supra-national bodies. [Ermukhamet Ertusbayev, the advisor to the President of Kazakhstan]

Terrorism aggravating security of South Asia
Pakistan Observer, November 13, 2012 – He also talked about three mechanisms for the administration of the architecture that included (1) Intergovernmental – which should include periodic meetings of foreign ministers, home and trade ministers of all South Asian countries (2) Government/Non Governmental – which should include regular meetings of governments officials, think tanks and civil society and (3) Non Government – which should include regular meetings of think tanks, non state actors and members of civil society.

Canada-U.S. Inter-Parliamentary Group upbeat on U.S. election outcome
The Hill, November 12, 2012 – The Canada-U.S. Inter-Parliamentary Group provides a forum for legislators from the two countries to discuss shared policy concerns, including cross-border trade and border security issues. Sen. Johnson said she was particularly pleased with the re-election of U.S. members of the group, including New York Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, Minnesota Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson, and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar…

EU approves E360m for SADC regional integration
Swazi Observer, November 12, 2012 – Ambassador McGovern said despite the economic situation in the European Union, it was important that the EU keeps its promise towards partners like SADC. He said the EU has learned many lessons in its integration experience and was happy to share these experiences with countries on the African continent and beyond.

Asean’s power play
Bangkok Post, November 12, 2012 – For Asean, the creation of smart grids and the Asean Power Grid (APG) are an opportunity for the region, and it should learn from the mistakes of other regions such as Europe.
Bahrain endorses Gulf security treaty draft
Gulfnews (Dubai, UAE), November 12, 2012 – Under the treaty, each GCC country is bound to take legal action — based on its own legislation — against citizens or residents who interfere in the domestic affairs of another member.

Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus is first success in CIS integration, says EBRD
Kazworld (from The Financial), November 12, 2012 – Economists at the EBRD warn that the Eurasian Economic Union will face challenges ahead, including to create supranational structures with better governance capacity than national institutions.
Looking Toward Europe?: President Sargsyan prefers visiting France to attending former Soviet parties’ gathering in Yerevan – Armenia Now, November 12, 2012 – Recently, Armenian leaders have demonstrated a clear commitment to Europe. Despite assurances from the Russian side that the Eurasian and European directions are not in conflict, Armenian leaders have avoided meetings that might be construed as Armenia’s consent to reintegrate into post-Soviet space.

West Africa bloc Ecowas agrees to deploy troops to Mali
BBC News, November 11, 2012 – West African regional leaders have agreed to deploy 3,300 soldiers to Mali to retake the north from Islamist extremists.

Prime Minister’s vision for Saarc
Business Recorder (Pakistan), November 11, 2012 – And there is talk of facilitating visas for business people of the two countries coupled with the momentous decision by both the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to allow two banks each from both the countries to begin full banking operations across the border. In short, the two countries are on a path towards enhanced economic co-operation.

GCC security pact up for ministerial review
Accord could be placed before heads of state during December summit in Bahrain
Gulfnews (Dubai, UAE), November 11, 2012 – The GCC is going through critical times that require a unification of policies, plans and ways of executing strategies of individual security agencies, the official said, Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) reported.
GCC to set up platform for peaceful nuclear energy – MENAFN, November 11, 2012 – “The GCC countries give priority to strengthening their joint capabilities, such as the Peninsula Shield Force, the establishment of a regional maritime center and the establishment of an air missile defense which ensures a joint response to all biological and radiological threats,”…

Barack Obama’s second term: Now, hug a Republican
The Economist, November 10, 2012 – This time that means offering them proof that he really intends to be more bipartisan. A pro-business treasury secretary would be a start: the names of Larry Fink or Mark Warner come to mind. Swift approval for the Keystone XL pipeline connecting Canada with the Gulf of Mexico would also help.

Nigeria: Continental Integration Bedrock for Africa’s Survival
AllAfrica, November 10, 2012 – That was how the Pan African Parliament started, drawing from members of the national parliament to come together and provide a legislative input. We started as a consultative and advisory body with a view that after the first five years of its existence, the protocol establishing the Pan African Parliament would be reviewed to enable it be given additional functions and powers.
ECOWAS nudges member states on regional infrastructure development – Afrique en Ligue, November 10, 2012 – While underlining the catalytic role infrastructure can play in the achievement of the ECOWAS Vision 2020, the Vice-President solicited stronger commitment and support to enhance the operations of the West African Power Pool, the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority, the ECOWAS Centre for the Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency as well as the West African Gas pipeline Authority and the ECOWAS Bank for investment and Development.
EA gets Interpol`s boost to fight regional crimes – IPPMedia (Tanzania), November 11, 2012 – In order to ensure that East Africa remains safe for investments, the Arusha-based East African Community (EAC) and the International Police (INTERPOL) have agreed to co-operate in security matters for mutual benefit.

US urged to actively hunt for Kony
News24 (South Africa) | Associated Press, November 10, 2012 – African troops face multiple challenges that limit their ability to locate the rebels. The American troops play only an advisory role and are not involved in combat operations against the rebels. Uganda leads about 2,500 African Union troops in the hunt for Kony…
Kenya: Government Preparing Policy On East Africa Integration – AllAfrica, November 9, 2012 – The integration involves five countries, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Burundi….Member states will adopt a single currency.
SADC gets 36 million Euros support from the EU – MMegi (Botswana), November 9, 2012 – The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has won 36 million Euros in grants from the European Union (EU). The support is meant to enhance regional integration and development and to develop the institutional capacity of SADC secretariat and member states, including civil society.

Residents see Schengen-style GCC visa
Zawya (Dubai, UAE), November 9, 2012 – If this Schengen-style unified visa is introduced, foreign tourists and businessmen would be allowed to travel to any of the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries…
[The “Schengen Zone” is the continental security perimeter surrounding all euro-zone countries, within which there is a “free flow” of commerce and people across borders.]
Iranian Influence, Rising Asian Powers, and the Significance of Yemen as a Long-Term U.S. Strategic Partner – Yemen Post, November 9, 2012 – Yemen’s security is connected to the security of Gulf Cooperation Council countries because Yemen represents geographical, strategic, human and security depth for its bothers in the GCC states. It is now the age of security alliances that achieve common interest and, in the case of the Gulf, those that serve Arab national security.

Arab League to Hold Joint European Union Meeting
For the first time since its inception, the Arab League will host a joint meeting for Arab foreign ministers (22 ministers) and their European counterparts (27 ministers) on Nov. 13 at the headquarters of the Arab League General Secretariat in Cairo.

EU is priority for Ukraine, Yanukovych says
ForUm (Ukraine), November 9, 2012 – According to him, it is too early to evaluate the activities of the Eurasian Union and compare it with the EU. “This association is in the early stages of formation, but the dynamics of its development is of interest,” the President added.
Turkey revives the idea of the Ottoman Empire – Voice of Russia, November 9, 2012 – On the one hand, Turkey will continue playing this card by talking about Eurasia and taking steps in this direction but on the other hand, it will retain its relations with the EU.

News bites: Carbon tax could be in Obama’s toolbox
The Hill, November 8, 2012 – Bloomberg Businessweek says analysts expect Obama to approve the northern portion of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring Canadian oil sands to Texas refineries.

Will London Lose Power to a Euro Bank Bloc?
Businessweek, November 8, 2012 – Britain, a member of the European Union, chose not to join the euro zone when it was established in 1999, and has said it won’t take part in a banking union. That decision risks isolating London from its major trading partners and undermining its status as the world’s top money center.

Asean framework will also allow local banks to expand regionally
The Star (Malaysia), November 9, 2012 – However, he believes the potential entry of banks from other Asean member countries into Malaysia will increase competition in the industry in the future.
President Obama to visit South East Asia including Burma, Cambodia
Jagran Post (India), November 9, 2012 – Obama during his travel from November 17 to 20 would be participating in the East Asia Summit in Cambodia….Carney said that in Cambodia, the President will attend the East Asia Summit and meet with the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Unasur Delegates gather in Lima to integrate science in the region
Vistazo (Ecuador), November 8, 2012 – The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) met on Thursday in Lima to delegates Task Force on Science, Technology and Innovation (GTECTI) of this organization to work on the integration and coordination of national science and technology, said organizers.

EurAsEC fate to get sealed in December
Belarusian Telegraph Agency, November 9, 2012 – BelTA has learned that the decision to gradually reform the EurAsEC was made in late 2011 because the EurAsEC parallels many functions of the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

W. African leaders prepare for Mali military intervention
Botswana Gazette, November 9, 2012 – Once the military blueprint is approved by leaders from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), meeting in Abuja on Sunday, a statement said, it “will then be transmitted through the African Union, before November 15, to the UN Security Council.”
AU salutes triumphant Obama – Africa Review (Kenya), November 8, 2012 – The chairperson of the African Union Commission, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, has congratulated President Barrack Obama upon his re-election….Political analysts have projected that President Obama was likely to interact more with Africa in his second term without fear of political restrictions.
COMESA Heads of States and Governments – Uganda Media Centre, November 9, 2012 – What is the objective of COMESA when we have EAC? First and foremost, COMESA provides a larger economic trading block. Whereas the East African Community (EAC) has 5 member countries, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi; COMESA has 19 member-states. COMESA helps us overcome borders and it provides a negotiating base for us.

Keystone pipeline pushed to forefront
Obama pressed for quick decision
Washington Times, November 7, 2012 – With a second term now in hand, President Obama no longer can delay a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline and must either side with environmentalists within his party or greenlight a major step toward North American energy independence.

Assad’s regime will not stay for long: Arab League chief
MENAFN (Jordan), November 8, 2012 – Bashar Assad’s regime will not stay in power for much longer, Arab League chief Nabil Al-Arabi said yesterday, urging the opposition meeting in Qatar to put aside their differences.

Asean Central Banks Close To Launching Framework For Banking Sector Integration, Says Zeti
Bernama (Malaysia), November 7, 2012 – The Asean central banks, which endorsed the Asean Financial Integration Framework in 2011, are in the final stages to launch the framework for banking sector integration, said Bank Negara Malaysia Governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz.

The U.S. electorate has spoken … sort of
Globe and Mail (Canada), November 7, 2012 – Both the Obama and Romney campaigns called for the energy independence of North America. (Alternate energy, such as wind and solar, won’t do it). This reference, and changes in the routing through Nebraska of the Keystone XL pipeline, point to the likelihood of the Obama White House lifting the stay delaying the pipeline’s approval process.
Beyond the Border? Canada-US Perimeter Security
YouTube audio, posted November 6, 2012 – Emily Gilbert, Canadian Studies and Geography, University of Toronto

Venezuela’s Chavez: US Election Unlikely to Change Relations
Venezuelanalysis, November 7, 2012 – “It hurt me very much to see how they bombed Libya,” he said, “and it was hard to believe that the Arab League asked the United States to bomb Libya”. Chavez assured that this could not happen to Venezuela due to the strong alliances built among Latin American countries in recent years, and pointed to the example of UNASUR, the Union of South American Nations, which was founded in 2008.
Argentina advances in military aircraft project of Unasur – People’s Daily (China – Spanish edition), November 7, 2012- Delegates from countries of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) in Buenos Aires sessioned today to tackle the project of creating a primary training aircraft of the regional bloc, said the Argentine Ministry of Defense….The project is the “first objective of technological development that aims to achieve the Defense Council of UNASUR,”…

India stresses regional efforts to combat global meltdown
The Daily Star (Bangladesh), November 7, 2012 – India yesterday suggested finance ministers and central bank governors of Saarc countries should meet at the earliest and jointly decide how to tackle the global financial crisis.
PM Ashraf urges SAARC countries to unite for democracy
Pak Tribune | Pakistan News Service, November 7, 2012 – ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Tuesday said one of the objectives of SAARC was to promote welfare of the people of South Asia and improve their quality of life. “Let’s join hands to extend support to strengthen democracy in our region.” He was addressing a luncheon hosted in honour of the participants of the Sixth Conference of the Association of SAARC Speakers and Parliamentarians on Tuesday at the PM’s House.

Open full European banking union to emerging Europe, EBRD says
Reuters, November 7, 2012 – A European banking union should be fully open to non-euro zone countries in emerging Europe, enabling them to access bank bail-out funds, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development said on Wednesday.

Customs Bloc First Success in CIS Integration – EBRD
RIA Novosti (Russia), November 7, 2012 – The Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus is the first successful example in regional economic integration between countries of the former Soviet Union, the EBRD said in a report on Wednesday.

US to sell $7.6b missile system to UAE, Qatar
Oman Tribune, November 7, 2012 – Lockheed told reporters in August that Saudi Arabia and its closest regional partners in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) had shown interest in the company’s Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) weapon systems.

EAC council to set rules for region’s monetary union
Business Daily (Kenya), November 5, 2012 – The funding of a proposed East African Central Bank (EACB) will be determined by the East African Community (EAC) Council of Ministers in accordance with each country’s share capital in the bank. A draft protocol on a monetary union shows that central banks of member states will also be required to deposit foreign exchange reserves with the proposed bank to keep stable a common currency.

ASEAN to ‘chart its own course’ on integration: Malaysia
Channel News Asia, November 5, 2012 – Southeast Asia will “chart its own course” as it deepens economic linkages, building on the successes and learning from the mistakes of the European Union, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Monday.

Indo-Pak can collectively emerge ‘economic superpower’: Sukhbir
Punjab Newsline, November 6, 2012 – Advocating greater trade ties between SAARC countries, Badal said that India and Pakistan must learn from European Union experiment and take steps to boost mutual industrial and trade ties keeping aside the differences amongst us. He said that once we boost trade, it would usher in prosperity and become propelling factor in opening most difficult barriers standing between us since last 65 years.

SPEITT aims to improve economic integration in Pacific ACP states
Matangi Tonga, November 6, 2012 – The implementation of the various components of the Strengthening Pacific Economic Integration Through Trade (SPEITT) Programme has been running smoothly, the SPEITT Project Steering Committee (PSC) was informed at their inaugural meeting held at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat in Suva, Fiji today, November 6. SPEITT is funded under the European Union’s 10th European Development Fund (EDF) and directly benefits the 15 Pacific ACP states.
Arab League chief says time is right for upgraded Palestinian membership at UN
Washington Post, November 5, 2012 – “It’s time for Palestine to be member state at the U.N.,” Elaraby told reporters.

Power regulator CERC pitches for South Asian power trading market
Firstpost (India), November 5, 2012 – India’s power sector regulator CERC today suggested establishing a South Asian power trading market to help ease acute electricity shortages facing many nations in the region. The suggestion comes at a time when discussions are on between India and South Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for setting up inter-regional electricity transmission lines.
Zardari: regional cooperation vital engine of prosperity – The Hindu (India), November 5, 2012 – Cooperation between India and Pakistan is imperative for exploiting the enormous potential latent in the South Asia region, President Asif Ali Zardari said on Sunday when Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar called on him after the inauguration of the 6th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Speakers and Parliamentarians’ Conference here.

Oman linked to GCC power grid
Times of Oman, November 5, 2012 – All the three phases of GCC power grid linking all the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have been completed and the grid is successfully in operation, said Dr Ali Al Ghafri, a senior official at the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW).
GCC foreign ministers to meet on Wednesday
Gulfnews (Dubai, UAE), November 5, 2012 – The last meeting of the leaders of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE was held in Riyadh. Saudi monarch Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud called the member states to move from the phase of cooperation to the phase of union. The GCC countries welcomed the call, but differed on the pace towards full integration.
Gulf squeeze on dissent raises alarm with allies – Associated Press, November 4, 2012 – The Gulf has been the slow burn of the Arab uprisings. The fraternity of rulers in the oil-rich region has remained intact….And it’s been done without too much serious blowback from their Western allies, which count on the region’s reliability as an energy supplier and military partner against Iran. But that now could be put to the test as Gulf states attempt to muzzle voice of opposition by adopt sweeping measures, such as protest bans and clampdowns on social media.

EurAsEC, Customs Union may be expanded with other CIS countries
Central Asian News Service, November 5, 2012 Eurasian Economic Community and Customs Union may be expanded with other CIS countries, CIS Executive Committee Chairman Sergey Lebedev told reporters. “Five states actively cooperate under EurAsEC auspices, three states founded the Customs Union. I think other CIS countries may join them in future,” Lebedev suggested.

ECOWAS Considers Mali Troop Intervention Plan
Voice of America, November 5, 2012 – Representatives of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union, Mali and bilateral and multilateral partners were expected to conclude a five-day meeting in Bamako on deployment of an African-led military to end Islamist control of northern Mali.
EAC states agree on grains and cereals standards – New Vision (Uganda), November 5, 2012 – The five East African Community (EAC) states have finally agreed on the recommended moisture content for cereals and grains in the region. Technical experts from East African Standards Council from Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda made the resolutions during a two day regional workshop on EAC staple food standards harmonization held at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel, in Entebbe last Wednesday.

Kenya: East African political Federation takes shape
Afrique en Ligue, November 4, 2012 – The East African Community (EAC), which hosted experts drawn from the five states—Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania—to a discussion on the proposed structure of the Federation, said the experts agreed fears of losing sovereignty should be considered in the constitution of the Federation.
East Africa gets ready for common tourist visa – IPPMedia, November 4, 2012 – The East African Community is finalizing plans for a single destination visa that will offer tourists to the region the opportunity to visit different parts of East Africa.
BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton to visit Somalia on Sunday – RBC Radio, November 4, 2012 – It is the first high level visit from U.S. officials to this war-torn country for more than 25 years, the sources said.

Crucial Votes Will End Talk of Greece Exiting Euro: PM
CNBC, November 4, 2012 – Talk of Greece exiting the euro will end after critical votes in parliament this week on new austerity measures, labor reforms and the 2013 budget, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on Sunday.
Europe’s separatists gaining ground, adding to continent’s strains – Washington Post, November 3, 2012 – Ironically, the regional separatists have benefited from the success of the European Union over the last half-century and the ideal of seeing, one day, a United States of Europe in which the role of national governments would diminish. Artur Mas, the Catalonian nationalist leader, and De Wever, his counterpart here in Antwerp, both have spoken lyrically of seeing their regions as independent nations within such a federated Europe.
[Expect a similar proposal from Quebec within a North American federation.]

Unreliable data could hinder key part of perimeter deal: border agency
CTV (Canada), November 4, 2012 – An internal Canada Border Services Agency briefing note warns the lack of reliable data might be an obstacle to compiling a comprehensive record of almost everyone who enters and leaves the continent. The entry-exit tracking system, to be phased in over the next two years, is a crucial feature of the perimeter security pact unfurled with much fanfare a year ago.

The European Union as an International Actor
Russian International Affairs Council, November 2, 2012 – [The] International community is unhappy about the European predominance in key international organizations like the IMF, the World Bank and UN Security Council. Quite logical for continued rescue of the Eurozone seems replacement of the votes of EU member states by its consolidated representation as the world’s biggest donor in the IMF and World Bank, i.e. one seat for the Eurozone members and single representation in the World Bank. Likewise, the EU could obtain a seat in the UN Security Council instead of the British and French seats, and gain a lot in view of its prominence as a global actor.

West Africa: €323 million power agreement signed
“This project is going to inter-connect all the ECOWAS countries….”….The World Bank has promised 103.668m Euros, African Development Bank 103.011m Euros, European Investment Bank 72.347m Euros and 13.116m Euros will be contributed by the respective governments.
East Africa: Ministry – EAC Cooperation Will Not Erode Culture – AllAfrica, November 2, 2012 – The government has played down worries that have engulfed Tanzanians that the East African Community (EAC) would lead to erosion of some cultures that identify Tanzania as a nation.
Human trafficking in Africa should be on the agenda for Chogm 2013 – Daily Monitor (Uganda), November 3, 2012 – The international community needs to address this problem and the only sure way is for the United Nations and other institutions like the Commonwealth, African Union, East African Community and the European Union to convene a global forum to tackle the vice. Kiapi K. Frederick, Commonwealth Association Uganda

Australia wants closer ASEAN ties – FM
Daily News (Sir Lanka), November 3, 2012 – Australia will elevate its engagement with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and seek to more closely align its foreign policy with that of the bloc, Foreign Minister Bob Carr said Friday.

SAARC CCI hails Pakistan’s decision to ratify visa regime
The News International (Pakistan), November 3, 2012 – Vikramjit Singh Sahnay, president of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Saarc CCI), on Friday welcomed the decision of the Pakistan cabinet to ratify the Pakistan-India visa regime agreement, according to a statement.

Lima brought together energy experts from Unasur
Diario La Primera (Peru), November 2, 2012 – Energy integration of American South was the main topic of the Fourteenth Meeting of the Expert Group on Energy (GEE) of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR)…made this week in Lima .

Saarc states urged to frame joint security architecture
Business Recorder (Pakistan), November 2, 2012 – The former Bangladeshi foreign secretary further suggested that there should be joint peacekeeping operation and the armed forces of the regional countries to conduct joint military exercises. South Asia being the most vulnerable to natural calamities, he proposed that there should also be a joint disaster management plan to respond the calamities collectively.

What’s Behind Russia’s Eurasian Assembly – Analysis
Eurasian Review, November 1, 2012 – The immediate reason for the creation of the Assembly is, ostensibly, that Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are currently preparing to launch the Eurasian Economic Union in 2015 – with Kyrgyzstan and Armenia also exploring membership.

U.K.’s Euro-Bashing Starts to Wear on Brussels
Wall Street Journal, November 2, 2012 – The animosity that the U.K. government has long shown the European Union risks becoming mutual. On Oct. 15, U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May informed her EU counterparts that her government planned to opt out of some 130 common policing and justice laws agreed before 2009.
London Could Lose Out Over Eurozone Banking Union – AdvisorOne, November 1, 2012 – If Britain stands against the banking union in the same way it is standing against the budget, it will lose its ability to have a voice in making the rules. It could also lose its position as the center of euro trading, which would likely move to Frankfurt or Paris so that it can be regulated by the European Central Bank (ECB)—
‘Bailouts’ are a means for total subjugation of nation states – Nigel Farage European Parliament, Strasbourg, 23 October 2012

ASEAN as a single asset class proposed
Saudi Gazette, November 2, 2012 – But given the political and economic diversity of the ASEAN nations ranging from functional democracies to quasi democracies to Marxist states, the challenge of integrating the ASEAN capital markets is not easy. “There are many challenges to be overcome, ranging from differing legal structures and regulatory philosophies to market practices and language…” ….The supporters of regional groupings whether monetary, fiscal, capital market and banking unions usually point out to the economies of scale that can be achieved through such integration.

South Bank would be operational next year
La Arena (Argentina), November 1, 2012 – The South Bank (Bansur), financial institution promoted by the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), will start operating next year, as stated by the Secretary of International Affairs of the Ministry of Economy of Brazil, Carlos Márcio Cozendey.

Blocs meet to help Mali
Mmegi (Botswana), November 1, 2012 – Representatives of the west African ECOWAS bloc, the African Union, the European Union and the UN met in Bamako, capital of Mali, yesterday to firm up plans for armed intervention to wrest the north of the country from the hands of Islamic radicals. The plans are to be presented to the UN at the end of next month.

Under the Kremlin Thumb: Pre-Election is period of deal-making – favoring Big Brother
ArmeniaNow, November 1, 2012 – Over the past two weeks a number of factors have most clearly outlined the pressure Big Brother and strategic partner Russia is putting on Armenia for not embracing the “neo-soviet” idea of Vladimir Putin’s Eurasian Union.

Gulf railway boom to shape economies
The Peninsula (Qatar), November 1, 2012 – Official figures suggest around $100bn may be spent by the end of this decade laying over 6,000km of track for both national lines and a route linking all the states in the Gulf Cooperation Council: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. The governments face big technical challenges, such as making six national rail systems compatible…

IEX keen on setting up SAARC regional power exchange
Hindu Business Line, November 1, 2012 – Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) wants the SAARC members to consider having a ‘SAARC-based power market’, a regional power exchange. IEX is open to operating as a regional power exchange.

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