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Circumspect is a good old English word derived from Latin that means, in its simplest definition, looking around. It is cautious, but not timid. It is diligent to look at all the angles and possibilities, and is aware of the consequences. It is not afraid to make bold statements, so long as those statements are measured by thorough research. My aspiration is to have a website that lives up to its name.

The site will focus on producing and linking to in-depth, multimedia accounts of current events, with historical analysis. It will look beyond the spin of the mainstream, “latest news alert” media market, so the content will be news to many, even though it may be short on the latest news of the day.

The result is a site that doubles as a systematic tutorial, examining the motivations and consequences of the concerted, Machiavellian efforts toward a political-economic world order of regions. A common misconception is that this world order summation is only “theory,” but circumspection reveals that it is fact.

As a systematic tutorial, the first several pages may remain fairly static, unless a new article or video is pertinent enough to be inserted into the postings order. Look for the most current news  items at the NEWS UPDATES tab at the top of the page.

From its beginning in September, 2011, CircumspectNews.com has by now accumulated thousands of links to major world media news reports within its ARCHIVE section. These links have now become a massive body of incontrovertible evidence of the systematic, concerted drive by the globalists to break down all nations’ sovereignty into a New World Order of regional blocs. Tabs spanning the top of each of the site’s web pages also direct the reader to the growing, massive evidence of this reality within each major regional bloc on earth.

The site also has a GOOD NEWS page devoted to faith topics, as a sustaining counterbalance to the heavy information on the opening pages. It is my desire for even this page to display a circumspect manner.

I’m pleased to make you aware of the site, and I invite you to look around.

Tim Porter

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