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Exclusive: Asean’s path to 2015 revealed
International Financial Law Review, November 30, 2012 – The Asean is now working towards the establishment of regional economic integration, through the creation of an Asean Economic Community (AEC) by 2015. This will establish Asean as a single market and production base under which there will be freer flow of capital, goods, services, investment, and people throughout the region.

Unasur calls for ‘limiting vulture funds’ actions’
Buenos Aires Herald, November 30, 2012 – “Our coming together as a group will be the base in order to construct a South American citizenship, making it into a reality,” Peruvian President Ollanta Humala said earlier.
Unasur supports peace talks progress in Colombia – Andina (Peru), November 30, 2012 – A negotiated peace deal “will allow you [Colombia] to turn the page and…improve the social and economic situation of the region,” the Unasur statement continued.

Speech of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Netherlands – Embassy of the Russian Federation, November 30, 2012 – Our countries intend to continue on the path of integration, with Eurasian Economic Union being its next step. We envisage that it will be created by 2015. This will include agreements on a balanced macroeconomic, fiscal and competition policy, structural reforms of the labour, capital, goods and services markets, and the creation of common energy, transport and telecommunications networks.

Human Rights Declaration Falls Short
The Diplomat, November 28, 2012 – “The exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law…” ….Maruah, a human rights group in Singapore, argued that the declaration subverts the concept of human rights by defining them through the lens of national governments instead of affirming them as the absolute and irrevocable rights of individuals.
[Indeed, the above phrase from the ASEAN human rights declaration is taken directly from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is a template for all regional human rights declarations, as well as recent national declarations such as Canada’s, the future partner of the U.S. in the “North American Community.” In these declarations, rights are granted by big government – not merely recognized by government in a “hands off” declaratory approach as exemplified in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. In spite of this glaring difference, U.S. presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama; U.S. secretaries of state Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton; and even Supreme Court justices, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, all have had the audacity to declare such statist documents are equal to or better than the U.S. Constitution. This is the core of the deception that these officials are presenting to a complacent U.S. public to compromise the U.S. into a statist North American Union within a New World Order of regions.]

CIS Muslims united
Vestnik Kavkaza (Russia), November 29, 2012 – Today establishing of the future Eurasian Union is taking place in political, economic, and legal spheres. It happens due to our political leaders, heads of our states. Today we, umma of the Community of Independent States, do our first steps in this directions, while Muslims have to contribute to consolidation of the religious, educations, cultural, and media area of the future Union.

GCC mulls establishment of joint military base
NZweek (New Zealand), Update November 29, 2012 – Defense ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states decided Tuesday to complete studies for the formation of a unified military base, the Saudi News Agency reported.

Brazil Boosts Military ‘Defense Force of South America’
AnsaLatina (Argentina), November 28, 2012 (Google Translate) – The president of the Defence Committee of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, Perpetua Almeida, said today its support for the creation of a regional military force….”I think later the Unasur Defence Council should have a Defence Force of South America, maybe it could be a force for peace….,”said the deputy.
Argentina Seeks Unasur Support In Fight Against Hedge Funds – Bernama (Malaysia), November 28, 2012 – Argentine President Cristina Fernandez….also argued that Unasur countries must have common standards and regulations for those coming to invest in mining or resources. “We are one of the richest areas of the world and we have to avoid outsiders having our countries playing one against the other to their benefit and to the loss of the development of our countries and region…. ‘
CFK calls Unasur for support against ‘vulture funds’ – Buenos Aires Herald, November 27, 2012 – “The problem that Argentina is having today regarding judicial colonialism is a problem that doesn’t just affect Argentina and the Southern Cone, but all of the countries of the developed world. Even more so those that are in crisis,” Fernández de Kirchner said.
Joint Defence Council of GCC Defence Ministers Strongly Condemns Recent Blasts in Bahrain
Bahrain News Agency, November 27, 2012 – In a statement issued following the conclusion of its 11th session here, the council said that it had discussed joint military and defence action and agreed on strengthening defence complementarity, developing the Joint Peninsula Shield Forces and establishing a GCC Institute for Defence and Security.

Integrating for peace
ThisWeek (Oman), November 28, 2012 – “Closer cooperation with common, strong regional institutions might be a great way to undermine deep-seated, historical rivalries in the Middle East. This happened in Europe and can certainly take place in this part of the world as well.” Ettore believes the framework is there in the form of the GCC, the Arab League and the Arab Maghreb Union

Africa must integrate: Manuel
NewsDay (Zimbabwe), November 28, 2012 – South African Minister in the Presidency in charge of the National Planning Commission Trevor Manuel says Africa has a lot to learn from the ongoing European economic crisis in order to avoid making the same mistakes….Manuel said while the European Union (EU) moved at a fast speed towards convergence “we in Africa have been rather painfully too slow about convergence”.

SAARC CCI urges integrated approach to foster energy
Daily Times (Pakistan), November 28, 2012 – Since the energy demand in the region would be doubled by 2020 there was dire need to invest in energy related projects, said Tariq Sayeed. He urged for collective efforts to make SAARC grid functional.

Lukashenko confident about Russian oil deliveries in 2013
Belarusian Telegraph Agency, November 27, 2012 – Alexander Lukashenko added that there should be no barriers to the flow of commodities, including oil, in the Single Economic Space and the future Eurasian Union. “Therefore, I think that we will reach an agreement with the Russians soon regarding oil deliveries to Belarus…
Dictator may be left without EurAsEc loan – Charter 97 (Belarus), November 28, 2012 – The Anticrisis Fund of the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) plans to consider the possibility of granting Belarus another tranche of the loan at a meeting on December 7

Seize the day with Peña
Financial Post (Canada) editorial, November 26, 2012 – The top priorities should be: negotiation of a Canada, Mexico, U.S. common external tariff; establishment of an open continental energy market; acceleration of major North American infrastructure initiatives, particularly in the transportation sector; closer co-operation in harnessing innovation and new technologies; and fast-tracking regulatory convergence in key sectors. Such a plan to build a formidable North American powerhouse will produce concrete results only if it is driven by steely political will.

Brussels: The would-be capital of Europe
Chicago Tribune, November 27, 2012 – As the EU tries to accommodate its 23 official languages (and it does, in some ways), the practical language of governance has become English. The EU has had such an impact on Brussels that some say in a generation, English will become the city’s first language.
Tories rule out pact with Ukip – WalesOnline, November 26, 2012 – In a report for Mr Cameron, Mr Fabricant, a vice chair for campaigning, suggested a deal with Ukip [UK Independence Party] could help the Tories win at least 20 seats by stemming “the continued hemorrhage” of votes to Ukip. “We cannot ignore the maths,” he said, warning that Ukip had become “a significant contributory factor in costing the Conservative Party victories in marginal seats”.

Armenia interested in integration processes in CIS, EurAsEC
Kyiv Post, November 26, 2012 – Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said….there is no precedent in world practice when a country without a common border is a member of the Customs Union, and therefore a working group has been created on the orders of the presidents of Armenia and Russia.

Some in Britain say EU is bringing a new ‘Marxist revolution’
Los Angeles Times, November 25, 2012 – Looking at Europe from this side of the English Channel, Peter Reeve doesn’t see a “cuddly” continent of biscotti, Burgundy and BMWs. He sees the evil specter of Soviet Russia. Only this time, it’s Brussels, not Moscow, at the center of an expanding, metastasizing super-government bent on turning independent nations like France and Germany into vassal states. Instead of the Soviet Union, it’s the European Union that scares him.
Ukip fostering row: couple call for public apology – The Guardian (London), November 26, 2012 – A couple whose three foster children were removed because of their membership of Ukip [UK Independence Party] want the youngsters back and a public apology.
Trade Deal Between U.S. and Europe May Come to the Forefront – New York Times, November 25, 2012 – “There is now, for the first time in years, a serious drive towards an E.U.-U.S. free-trade agreement,” Karel De Gucht, the European trade commissioner, said in Dublin earlier this month.

Russia: Introducing the Putin Doctrine
The Daily Beast | Newsweek, November 26, 2012 – Putin said his third term would give rise to a stronger military, improved social programs, and the creation of a Eurasian Union, a confederacy of states that resembles a watered-down version of the old USSR. Apparently he wasn’t bluffing.

Unasur ministers discuss measures to provide security
Diario Correo (Daily Mail, Peru), November 26, 2012 (Translated) – Also [to be discussed are] proposals to standardize and make transparent the military inventory of South American countries, and the report on Regional Development and Production of Primary Basic Training Aircraft South American.
Unasur: with focus on infrastructure, defense and state of Paraguay – InfoRegión (Argentina), November 26, 2012 (Google translation) – The formal agenda of UNASUR to be carried out this week in Lima, Peru, will focus its discussions on investment of 13,000 million dollars in 30 infrastructure projects, the progress of joint initiatives on defense, and the situation of Paraguay .
XXI Century began with transcendental experiences in South America – Prensa Latina (Cuba), November 26, 2012 – Fidel Castro (Cuba), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva (Brazil), Vazquez (Uruguay) and Nestor Kirchner (Argentina) agreed to tell No to the FTAA, driven by the then U.S. president then, George W. Bush. “And that was the starting point for the creation of UNASUR (Union of South American Nations),” said the professor also at the University of Rosario in Argentina.
Faith groups oppose proliferation of small arms in Africa
Ekklesia (UK), November 25, 2012 – The struggle against the proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) “is critical for peace and security in Africa,” said Peter Omurangi Otim, head of the Peace and Security department of the African Union (AU) at a World Council of Churches (WCC) consultation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, held from 22 to 25 November 2012.
COMESA pushes for joint infrastructure projects – New Vision (Uganda), November 25, 2012 – Member states of the Common Market of East and Southern Africa (COMESA) have resolved to fast-track the implementation of joint infrastructure projects in railways, energy, roads and ICT to boost regional development….African leaders from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi, Comoros, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Swaziland, Rwanda, Burundi, Seychelles, Egypt and the African Union attended the summit.
East African ministers approve HE harmonisation law – University World News (London, UK), November 25, 2012 – It essentially removes the barrier that was blocking the region from rolling out a system that will allow students access to learning and mobility across East Africa.
[A “Dream Act” for East Africa.]

Economic Council of Unasur agrees more productive integration…
Andina (Peru), November 24, 2012 – The South American Council of Economy and Finance of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) agreed today to continue to advance the regional integration process…. “This to mitigate possible attacks of a less favorable global environment and deepen trade and economic ties in the region,” said Minister of Economy of Peru, Luis Miguel Castilla…

Asean and regional economic integration
The Sun (Malaysia), November 25, 2012 – Two important decisions at the recent 21st Asean Summit were: the launching of the Asean Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP); and delaying the launch of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) from Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2015, to iron out several issues and prepare the necessary regulations.

Turkey’s interest in EU membership plunges
“Given the resistance of major European powers, there is no clear path for Turkey’s entry into the European Union,” according to a report from the open intelligence group Langley Intelligence Network, or Lignet.

Economic integration to fuel growth in South Asian nations: UN report
The Daily Star (Bangladesh), November 25, 2012 – The report said 57 percent of intra-regional trade potential remains unexploited in the Saarc (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation). It said countries in the sub-region can benefit from cooperation by facilitating regional investments and cross-border banking and raising capital. The countries will also benefit from cooperation in transport connectivity…

Ukip fury over foster children move
Liverpool Daily Post, November 24, 2012 – The South Yorkshire foster parents claimed they had been told Ukip [UK Independence Party] – which campaigns for British withdrawal from the European Union and tougher controls on immigration – was “racist”. The actions of Labour-controlled Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council were met with fury from Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who called for resignations over what he said was an “appalling” decision.
VIDEO: UKIP Supporters Not Allowed To Foster Children – SkyNews report (UK), YouTube, November 24, 2012

EAC monetary policy to be finalized this year
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, November 23, 2012 – The biggest challenge however has been the monetary policy which would see member states have a common currency.

U.S., Mexico should build on their economic ties
By Enrique Peña Nieto, president-elect of Mexico – Washington Post, November 23, 2012 – Consequently, in NAFTA we have a solid foundation to further integrate our economies through greater investments in finance, infrastructure, manufacturing and energy…..It is also important that our countries increase intelligence-sharing and crime-fighting techniques and promote cooperation among law enforcement agencies.

Top Arab Economist Proposes Road Map for Transition Countries
Tripoli Post, November 22, 2012 – There is a big contrast between Europe when the Berlin Wall fell and the Middle East after the latest revolutions. In Europe there was a roadmap….The building of central institutions such as the Arab League and creating an Arab Bank for Reconstruction and Development is vital.

Pacific Forum names team to review Pacific Plan
Radio New Zealand International, November 23, 2012 – The Pacific Islands Forum has now named the full team which will carry out a review of the Pacific Plan on regional co-operation.

Unasur presidents chosen 30 projects for infrastructure summit in Lima
Andina (Peru), November 22, 2012 – One goal is to complete high-impact projects in the region to give greater impetus to the process of South American integration. The Unasur has estimated an investment of around 116 billion dollars in the region, for the realization of at least 531 infrastructure projects, according to the UN secretary general Ali Rodriguez.

UN, EDB to expand cooperation
Voice of Russia, November 22, 2012 – The document specifically praised burgeoning cooperation between the EDB and the UN and the EDB’s participation in a spate of projects of the Eurasian Economic Community.

Syria rebels seek $60bn for post-war rebuilding
The National (UAE), November 22, 2012 – “….Syria is a founding member of the Arab League and they have a duty to help it,” said Mr Sabra, the head of the Syrian National Council (SNC).

ACI-NA president Greg Principato: Time for change
Airport World (Airports Council International), November 22, 2012 – Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) remains committed to advancing North American airport initiatives….The United States-Canada Beyond the Border Action Plan included a provision to eliminate the requirement to rescreen checked baggage arriving from Canadian pre-clearance airports, due to the advocacy of both the Washington, DC and Ottawa offices.

Moving super between Australia and New Zealand
Financial Services and Superannuation Minister Bill Shortern said “This legislation is an important step towards our closer economic relations with New Zealand. It supports progress toward the goal of a single economic market, to which the Australian and New Zealand Governments are both committed.”

Energetic gestures
The Hindu, November 22, 2012 – Representatives of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan will assemble in the Capital on November 24 to deliberate on developing economically viable and better energy solutions for sustainable and free flow of clean energy among South Asian region countries.

ECOWAS partners IFC, EU to improve West Africa’s business climate
Ghana Business News, November 22, 2012 – “This will cover the development of a regional investment policy, finalisation of a regional investment code, the implementation of a regional investment policy monitoring platform developed jointly by the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO),”…

Georgia: the dawn of Eurasia, where everything is changing, November 21, 2012 – Putin’s Eurasia is gaining ground, while the American hubris and the European absence are losing it. Disappointed by Saak’ashvili’s ‘American dream’ and forgotten by the EU, Georgians are turning towards the pragmatic pro-Russian Ivanishvili.

ASEAN Defence Ministers Reflect on Way Forward for 2013
TEMPO Interactive, November 22, 2012 – Issues such as activities for 2013, implementation of the ASEAN Political Security Community Blueprint, ASEAN centrality, as well as cross-sectoral coordination were center to the discussion themes during the ASEAN Defence Ministers and the Minister representing the Defence Minister retreat.

As Europe plots closer ties, Britain mulls split – Associated Press, November 20, 2012 – For the European Union, a once-unthinkable question is looking more like a real possibility with each new grinding week of economic crisis. The reason is that bad times are forcing the 17 EU nations that use the euro currency to move ever closer toward some kind of United States of Europe — one that could make decisions about how much member countries spend and how much tax they collect.

European Union vs. Eurasian Union: It’s up to Armenia to decide
Public Radio of Armenia, November 20, 2012 – European Union or Eurasian Union? “Armenia has to decide itself where its best interests are,” s Onno Simons, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, said at a seminar in Yerevan titled “Towards a common inter-institutional approach for EU-Armenia integration.
Official: Armenia has still time to choose between EU and EAU – PanARMENIAN, November 20, 2012
Towards a Eurasian Economic Union: Integration and cooperation – Centre for European Policy Studies, November 20, 2012 – Event Date: Monday, 3 December, 2012 – 13:15 – 14:30 Speakers: Peter Balas, Deputy Director General, DG Trade, European Commission – Tatiana Valovaya, Eurasian Economic Commission

African Union to enter Mali to suppress Islamist uprising
Pravda (Russia), November 21, 2012 – Military forces of the African Union are ready to enter the north of Mali to suppress Islamist uprisings.
European Union Backs Mali Intervention – Eurasia Review, November 21, 2012 – European Union foreign ministers agreed Monday (November 19th) to send 250 military advisors to Mali to support an African-led intervention, AFP reported

China Might be Moving Closer to ASEAN on South China Sea
Voice of America, November 20, 2012 – China’s new leaders may be moving closer to resolving disputes over the South China Sea through a regional alliance rather than through separate negotiations with each of its territorial rivals. This week’s summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations showed again the scale of sensitivities over the South China Sea…

European Union Backs Syrian Opposition Coalition
New York Times, November 19, 2012 (GOOGLE LINK)- The European Union offered crucial support for the new Syrian political opposition on Monday, calling the group legitimate representatives for the Syrian people in a move that burnished the new coalition’s credibility as it seeks more international aid to help in the fight against the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Obama at Asean summit as sea row rumbles
BBC News, November 20, 2012 – The East Asia summit is part of regional Asean talks. Japanese, Chinese and Australian leaders are also there.

Kuwait endorses GCC security pact
Gulfnews (Dubai, UAE), The security treaty draft which allows lawbreakers and wanted people to be tracked across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries regardless of their nationality has been endorsed by Bahrain.
[This is precisely the provision in the Obama-Harper “Beyond the Border” agreement that allows agents from one country to enter and/or enforce the jurisdiction of the other.]
Syrian Islamists Reject Western-Backed Opposition – Time, November 19, 2012 – The National Coalition was formed under pressure from the United States, which sought a more reliable partner that nations could support….Turkey and the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council also recognized the group as the representative of the Syrian people.

10 Arab ministers to enter Gaza: Arab League
Business Recorder (Pakistan), November 20, 2012 – Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi accompanied by 10 Arab foreign ministers will cross into Gaza from Egypt on Tuesday to show support for the Palestinians, the league’s deputy secretary general told AFP.

UN, Eurasian Economic Community to promote cooperation
Voice of Russia, November 20, 2012 – The 67th UN General Assembly session has adopted a resolution to cement cooperation between the United Nations and the Eurasian Economic Community….The new wording recognizes efforts to promote regional economic integration in the framework of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Canada’s privacy watchdog raises concerns about new mini-visa
Canada’s privacy watchdog is raising concerns about a new mini-visa that will require certain visitors to Canada to disclose personal information that may include details about their mental health status and drug use and could be shared with the United States. The Electronic Travel Authorization — a commitment made as part of Canada’s perimeter security deal with the U.S. — is among the measures crammed into the latest budget implementation bill.

Unasur summit in Lima to boost integration process
– Andina (Peru), November 19, 2012 – The Summit of Heads of State of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) to be held in Lima on November 30 will promote regional integration, Unasur Secretary General Ali Rodríguez said.
Unasur to Spend 116 Billion Dollars in Infrastructure
AmericaeEonomica (Madrid, Spain), November 19, 2012 (Google translation) – The Union of South American Nations (Unasur) has decided to implement 531 infrastructure projects valued at 116,000 million, of which six are located in Peru and has been assured Minister of Transport and Communications of the country, Carlos Paredes.
Unasur: Latin America will be one of the points of “greater weight” of the planet – Andina (Peru), November 18, 2012 – Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), Ali Rodriguez, said today that Latin America is one of the points of “greater weight” of the planet, because of its immense resources and economic advancement. He noted, in that order, the importance of building the infrastructure for the physical integration of the region…

PA official: We’re hoping for ceasefire within 48 hours
Times of Israel, November 18, 2012 – A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas may be as near as 48 hours away, according a senior member of Fatah, sent to Gaza from the West Bank Sunday evening to welcome an Arab League delegation.

ASEAN Summit starts, foster preparation for AC 2015
Jakarta Post, November 18, 2012 – ASEAN leaders meeting in Cambodian have been called on to ensure the smooth implementation of the ASEAN Community by 2015 through several steps.
ASEAN, US leaders to consider upgrading partnership to ‘strategic partnership’ – Philippine Star, November 17, 2012 – “The eminent persons from both ASEAN and the US have provided a number of recommendations to the leaders of the ASEAN and the US to strengthen bilateral ties. Among them is the recommendation to upgrade the ASEAN-US partnership to the strategic partnership,”…
Southeast Asia leaders sign controversial rights pact – AFP, November 18, 2012 – Heads of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) hailed their declaration on human rights as a landmark agreement….But critics said it allowed too many loopholes for ASEAN, which groups together a diverse range of political systems, from authoritarian regimes in Laos and Vietnam to freewheeling democracies such as in the Philippines.

Yemen, GCC States discuss security cooperation aspects
Yemen News Agency, November 18, 2012 – Yemen and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States discussed here on Sunday aspects of security cooperation and coordination and ways of boosting them so as to achieve further security and stability in the region.
Surplus times for GCC economies – Gulfnews (Dubai, UAE), November 17, 2012 – This level of performance more than satisfies one requirement of the Gulf Monetary Union, which commenced in 2010. The integrating project stipulates that budgetary deficit should not exceed 3 per cent of the GDP, and yet GCC countries are reporting surpluses…

Arab ministers back Egypt truce efforts for Gaza
Arab ministers gave their backing on Saturday to Egyptian efforts to secure a truce that would end Israel’s offensive on Gaza, they said in a statement after an Arab League meeting in Cairo.

Mexican ambassador announces inspection-free border crossings
MySanAntonio (San Antonio Express-News – Blog) November 16, 2012 – “Welcome to San Antonio, the NAFTA city,” declared San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro at tonight’s opening of the NAFTA 20 conference held in San Antonio….Then the Ambassador [Arturo Sarukhan] eagerly divulged that within the next 3-5 days, the Mexican government is prepared to announce pre-inspection facilities in Mexico where goods entering that country headed for the United States would be inspected at these Mexican facilities and allowed to enter the U.S. without stopping at the border. Companies would be pre-certified and vetted by the two governments in a tremendous leap toward erasing the United States border with Mexico and achieve one of NAFTA’s chief goals — to create a common economic and security perimeter, a true North American Union.

Musharraf to address SAARC leaders in India
Pakistan Today, November 17, 2012 – Former president and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Chairman General (R) Pervez Musharraf would deliver key-note speech on “Uniting South Asia: The Way Forward” at “HT Leadership Summit 2012” today (Saturday) in India.

No contradiction between CIS, EurAsEC and EU, Armenian PM says
Public Radio of Armenia, November 17, 2012 – At the same time, the Prime Minister stressed that Armenia is interested in the integration processes within the framework of the European Union, as well. “There should be no contradiction between the integration processes taking place inside the CIS, EurAsEC and EU
Eurasian Economic Union Treaty should be signed before 2015: Khristenko – BNews (Kazakhstan), November 17, 2012 – The Eurasian Economic Union Treaty should be signed before 2015, Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EAEC) Viktor Khristenko said at the Belarusian Investment Forum on 16 November.

East Africa: Region Agrees On Joint Infrastructure Development
AllAfrica, November 16, 2012 – The ministers of Infrastructure and Energy from the East African Community (EAC) have agreed on a mechanism that will ensure joint contribution to the implementation of regional infrastructure projects.

World Leaders Head to ASEAN Summits
Al-Manar (Lebanon), November 16, 2012 – Global financial issues and pushing the agenda on ASEAN’s connectivity goal to be a European Union-like bloc by 2015 will also top the agenda.

Saudi king urges ‘wisdom’ in Gaza, Israel clashes
France24 | AFP, November 16, 2012 – The monarch, whose country is a heavyweight in the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, told Morsi “that things must calm down and reason and wisdom must reign over passionate reactions,” SPA said late on Thursday.

Environment: Pacific @ forefront of climate change action
Islands Business International (Fiji), November 16, 2012 – Our aim is to reduce emissions and remove barriers to utilising Renewable Energy Technologies, for example, by allowing the private sector to produce electricity and sell it back to the grid. This is implemented in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and GEF, as well as other key agencies like the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Pacific Power Association.

ASEAN-U.S. defense chiefs meet in Cambodia to strengthen military ties
Xinhua (China), November 16, 2012 – The Defense Ministers of the ten-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the United States’ Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta met informally here on Friday afternoon to discuss ways to strengthen military ties.
IMF pushes for more Asean cooperation – Malay Mail, November 16, 2012 – Greater economic cooperation between Asean countries, particularly in the areas of trade and finance, could help the region carry itself beyond the economic uncertainties of the US and Europe and provide a buff er against the effects of a slowing Chinese economy.

The pros and cons of Armenia’s joining the Eurasian Union
Public Radio of Armenia, November 16, 2012 – What will Armenia gain and what will it lose by joining the Eurasian Union? The pros and cons were discussed at a seminar-discussion initiated by the “Agreement” center and supported by the Polish Embassy in Armenia.

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