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Bloc Heads — What is Bilderberg building?, May 31, 2013 – Filmmaker Tim Porter looks at origins and the strategy behind the 10 regional trading blocs being set up to control the world in this series of short videos, Bloc Heads — Builders of the New World Order, produced for the Operation Paul Revere Contest. Each group is set up from a banker’s perspective — common currency, common trading region, destruction of national sovereignty.

Board of Education approves integrated plan UNASUR
Telesur TV, May 31, 2013 (Google Translate) – The Board of Education of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) on Friday approved an integrated plan for the next five years. The meeting was held in Lima (capital of Peru) in order that the member countries will discuss quality, equity and financing of academic training in the region. Telesur correspondent in Peru, Veronica Insausti….added that the agreement of the South American Council of Education includes student exchanges and recognition of qualifications and degrees among member countries, “without migration is a difficulty.”
[This is the South American version of the”Dream Act” for North America being pushed by Barack Obama and Marco Rubio. The Eurasian Union version is referred to in the article below.]

Integration cooperation in specific contracts
TVR (Belarus), May 31, 2013 – Kiev wants to be not only an observer in the Eurasian Union, but to also participate in the preparation of strategic documents on the Customs Union….In particular, the countries agreed on the formation of the common education space and mutual recognition of documents on higher and vocational education.

Belarus open to tighter integration in future Eurasian Union

BSR (Belarusian Telegraph Agency), May 31, 2013 – There are fears regarding political independence,” said Alexander Lukashenko. “As for the Belarusian side I sincerely said that we are not concerned about it much (the degree of cooperation) in political dimension, in military political, diplomatic, and other areas because we have already gone through that within the framework of the Union of Belarus and Russia.

Chinese Premier’s Visit: Tibet remains the core issue
IDSA (Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, India), May 31, 2013 – Trilateralism would evidently help to address the Tibetan question in cognizance of the Indian government by primarily binding India, Nepal and China in a strong web of economic interdependency. Clearly, this benign Chinese strategy is likely to dilute India’s Tibet card. Further, it would enable China to expand its influence in South Asia, marginalizing India’s preeminent position in the subcontinent. More critically, it would buttress China’s rightful entry to a full membership of the SAARC by virtue of its contribution in promoting economic regionalism in South Asia.

UNASUR to create first South American Defense College
Venezuelan News Agency, May 29, 2013 (Google Translate) – The Union of South American Nations (Unasur) will create the first South American School of Defense for military training pertaining to the 12 member countries of the regional body.
UNASUR is set to open the South Bank – La Mañana de Córdoba, May 30, 2013 (Google Translate) – The South Bank, regional financial initiative of the countries of the South American Union of Nations (UNASUR) will start operating with a capital of 7,000 million, of which Argentina will bring with u $ s 2,000 million, and is one the first seven contributing countries, reported Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino of Ecuador.

‘Establish key institutions to fasttrack integration in EAC’
IPP Media (Tanzania), May 30, 2013 – Unlike the East African Development Bank which handles development financing, Dr Bukuku said, a regional central bank will be charged with the responsibility of handling the region’s monetary policy.

GCC integrated banking system proposed
Arab News, May 30, 2013 – The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will soon study a proposal to integrate the banking system in the region, to make it easier for GCC citizens and companies to open bank accounts in all of the group’s six-member countries.

Kyrgyzstan To Join Russian-Led Customs Union, Ukraine To Observe
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty, May 29, 2013 – The summit focused on further integration and plans to form a Eurasian Economic Union by 2015 — a bloc they say would be modeled after the European Union.

India should be Pakistan’s largest trading partner: European Union
Economic Times (India), May 30, 2013 – India, and not Europe, should enjoy the status of being Pakistan’s largest trading partner in order to boost economic growth in the region, European Union Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark has said…. Regional economic integration in South Asia, he said, is a priority for the EU.

ECOWAS expresses commitment to begin patrolling on community borders
Ghana Business News, May 29, 2013 – A member of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) Parliament on Tuesday expressed the body’s commitment to embark on patrols on borders to ensure a reduction in check-points at inter-state routes. Mr Dominic Azumah said the move would ensure the efficient control of the movement of arms, the fight against insecurity and cross-border crimes.

ASEAN: A Powerhouse In The Making?
Eurasia Review, May 28, 2013 – The European Union (EU) is the world’s most well-known example of regional integration but Southeast Asia could be next to prosper into a dynamic powerhouse, as it is currently going to great lengths to boost regional trade and unite into an international economic bloc.

Personal data on thousands of cross-border travellers shared with U.S. under new program
Ottawa Citizen, May 27, 2013 – The flow of personal data between the countries has so far been limited to information about third-country nationals and permanent residents crossing at four major Canada-U.S. land border points. Next year, however, the bilateral exchange will expand to cover all travellers, including Canadian and American citizens, at all automated border crossings.

African Union accuses ICC of race hunt against Africans
Euronews, May 28, 2013 – The African Union has publicly accused the International Criminal Court of ‘ hunting’ Africans because of their race. The accusation was made as the AU summit drew to a close in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.
African Union to Establish Emergency Military Force – Voice of America, May 27, 2013 – The rapid reaction force, called the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises (ACIRC), would serve as an interim measure until the planned African Standby force is fully operational.

Putin to travel to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
Russia & India Report| ITAR-TASS, May 27, 2013 – On Wednesday, the leaders of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan will hold a session of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council. The Council will discuss the prospects of further integration cooperation, the plans for forming a Eurasian economic union by January 1, 2015,

Indo-Pak trade: Which way will the wind blow?
International Herald Tribune, May 26, 2013 – The trade-for-peace hypothesis might just be the lifeline for the two most important economies of the South Asian region, to reach a logical conclusion in the all-important cause of regional integration in South Asia.

Interview with Romanian Prime Minister
Ponta: More Europe, as soon as possible
New Europe, May 26, 2013 – We are not Romanians, we are European Union citizens and we do not want to have positive discrimination, just simply to be treated like all the other European citizens.

U.S. Narcotics Affairs Closes Bolivian Office
Bolpress, May 26, 2013 – The Bolivian government decided to “regionalize” the fight against drug trafficking by signing agreements with neighboring countries, in addition to the formation of the South American Council for Drug Trafficking in the field of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR)
Latin America: a new order? – Los Tiempos, May 26, 2013 – Unasur was unmistakably a message to two recipients: United States, certainly, but it was also glancing Mexico. On the other, CELAC with a more ambitious goal, to play a full role in Latin America without Canada and the United States. The challenge is to successfully manage both stages simultaneously.

Asean media eye creation of press council
Sun Star (Philippines), MaThe 10-member Association of Southeast Nations (Asean) will become a single community by the end of 2015, and the Asean Charter stipulated that the media play a crucial role in promoting Asean awareness and a sense of community…“There are only 953 days left before Asean integration takes place….We are the last group (to integrate).” Regional integration is founded on the three pillars of politics/security, economy and culture.

U.S. not respecting WTO ruling on meat labeling: Mexico
Reuters, May 21, 2013 – The WTO Appellate Body said last year that U.S. country-of-origin labeling rules, commonly known as COOL, were wrong because they gave less favorable treatment to beef and pork imported from Mexico and Canada than to U.S. meat.

SA dumps Nkrumah for Rhodes
Mail & Guardian (South Africa), May 24, 2013 – In 1991, members of the African Union (AU) agreed to the Treaty of Abuja, which created the framework for the realisation of the economic part of Kwame Nkrumah’s vision of a united Africa….The treaty was to start a process of integration that would lead to a copy of the European Union model. It would involve, first, a free trade area and then a customs union, followed by economic union, which would lead to monetary union and a single African currency – and all by 2023.

Iceland Puts European Union Bid in Deep Freeze
International Business Times, May 22, 2013 – Iceland has dropped plans to join the European Union after voters turned against the idea….[Incoming Prime Minister] Gunnlaugsson’s announcement blew a big hole in arguments for Britain to stay in the European Union, said Ukip.

South American countries move towards common citizenship
People’s Daily (China), May 23, 2013 (Google Translate from Spanish) – South American countries [are] moving towards integration based on regional citizenship and the abolition of visas, said today the director of Peruvian Communities Abroad of the Foreign Ministry of Peru, Manuel Talavera…..Government explained that members of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) has achieved the abolition of visas for tourism and there are facilities to migrate between Member States to work or study.

[The current push in the U.S. to pass the latest “comprehensive immigration reform” bill is part of the effort to develop a North American version of this “regional citizenship.” Efforts such as this in South America (and in the African Union’s southern region in the article below) are now common in all of the world’s major geopolitical regions. These initiatives are all modeled after the European Union’s “Schengen Zone,” within which national borders are erased to allow a “free flow of cargo, services and people” among the nations within the regional perimeter. Note also that “study” is referenced in the South American initiative, which is also common within the world’s regional efforts and pertains to a “free flow” of students to colleges and schools throughout each region, similar to efforts in the U.S. to pass a “Dream Act” for North American students.]

SADC free movement protocol awaits House approval
Tanzania Daily News, May 23, 2013 – Tanzania has made progress towards the ratification of a protocol that will allow free movement of people from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) member countries without being required to apply for a visa.

A brand New Arab League
Middle East Online, May 23, 2013 – The role that Arab League has been playing during the Arab Spring is different; instead of solving the disputes, it became source of legitimacy for various powers to intervene militarily or politically in the region, says Armenak Tokmajyan.

Oman ‘in need of US defence system’
The deal is meant to push US commercial interests, Kerry says
Gulfnews (Dubai, UAE), May 22, 2013- The Omanis believed it was “the best and most effective system that is out there,” Al Busaidi said, adding that it was in line with the defence strategy of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

EEC representative does not see discrepancy between Armenia’s Eurasian and European integrations
Armenpress, May 22, 2013 – “The Eurasian Union and the European Union do not contradict each other. The Eurasian Union will not be a closed fortress, it should be integrated in the international economy”, – said Tatiana Valovaya.

Correa Insists on LatAm Unity Against Transnational Thievery
Prensa Latina, May 21, 2013 – Correa also said that Latin America is the region facing the greatest number of such lawsuits from transnational corporations….Correa said that he expects that at the level of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), members will sponsor a project to create a Regional Arbitration Center.

Pacific ACP remain positive to conclude EPA with EU
Islands Business, May 20, 2013 – Sayed Khaiyum said that it’s important for the region to negotiate their EPA as a single region in order to get a positive outcome from the EU….“We believe our strength will be in a regional approach, and indeed in many parts of the world have concluded or are seeking to conclude a ratification of EPA at a regional level and that is a Pacific approach.”…. His sentiments were also shared by the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum, Tuiloma Neroni Slade….

Nigeria: Let’s Have Common Citizenship in Africa – Thabo Mbeki
AllAfrica, May 20, 2013 – “So, the basic challenge really is to build what some African academics are calling a common citizenship, to do the things in our countries which will make people feel that sense of common citizenship, that I have the same rights as any other person in the country, regardless of ethnicity, colour, religion, culture or anything….When we are talking about regional integration, for instance, we need larger economic entities; too many countries in Africa are too small. So let’s integrate in regions in the first instance.” [Former President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa]

ECOWAS Parliament Seeks Nigeria’s Support for Enhancement of Powers
ThisDay (Nigeria), May 19, 2013 – The Parliament of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has sought the support of Nigeria’s government towards transforming the body into an organ with full legislative powers rather than its mere current advisory role.
East Africa: Eastern Africa Standby Force to Have Operational Capacity By 2015 – AllAfrica, May 18, 2013 – The EASF is one of the five regional multi-dimensional components of the African Standby Force consisting of the military, police and civilian elements…..”By full operational capability we mean that by 2015, the EASF comprising of the three components, the military, police and the civilians will be able to undertake any mission assigned by the United Nations or the African Union. The military forces will be held on standby in the various member states.”
Inside Kenyatta’s emerging, assertive policy in East Africa – Sunday Monitor (Uganda), May 19, 2013 – At the inauguration of [Kenya] President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto on April 9, the almost 60,000 people assembled at the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani were astounded when they were asked to sing the little-known official anthem of the East-African Community — “Oh God, we pray you protect the East African Community.”

GCC is 13th largest world economy, says Bahraini Min.
WAM – Emirates News Agency, May 19, 2013 – Hassan Fakhru, minister of trade and industry, estimated the combined GDP of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) at around US$1.4 trillion in 2011, the 13th largest in the world.

Why Putin wants U.S. bases in Afghanistan
Russia & India Report, May 19, 2013 – You might even have expected a dose of the anti-U.S. demagoguery about the U.S. government using Afghan bases to run a lucrative narcotics-export business, including daily flights of U.S. cargo aircraft filled with heroin destined for Russia and Europe. Or that U.S. bases in Afghanistan could be used for an attack on Russia…..Yet the Kremlin was conspicuously silent about Karzai’s recent announcement on U.S. bases.

European Union finds time to tell restaurants how to serve olive oil
NDTV, May 19, 2013 – From January 1, 2014, eateries will be banned from serving oil to diners in small glass jugs or dipping bowls, and forced instead to use pre-sealed, non-refillable bottles that must be disposed of when empty.

The African Union Can Do More to Support Regional Integration
Brookings Institution, May 17, 2013 – The treaty aims to build the AEC [African Economic Community] gradually through harmonization, coordination and effective integration of Africa’s RECs [regional economic communities]….Consider the progress of two RECs from Central and East Africa. The East African Community (EAC) is composed of five countries in East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. The EAC has achieved considerable milestones, having established a customs union in 2005 and a common market in 2010. It is scheduled to move to a monetary union by November of this year and ultimately to a political federation by 2017….Many ECCAS [Economic Community of Central African States] members utilize a single currency, and capital moves freely across borders.

François Hollande calls for ‘European political union’ within two years
London Independent, May 17, 2013 – He would push for a “political union” – a step towards a federal state – in the wider EU within two years. The French president also called for the harmonisation of EU taxes and a “European energy policy”.

The Price of Gas and Legitimacy, May 17, 2013 – The Russian factor is very simple. It has unlimited resources, and by changing the price for resources it can dictate its policy across the Eurasian continent….This is the price, at least the short-term price that we pay for hesitating to join the Eurasian Economic Union and deviating from the Russian pole.

Cartes said Paraguay wants to return to Mercosur and Unasur
InfoRegión (Argentina), May 17, 2013 – Paraguay’s president-elect, Horacio Cartes, said his government wants Paraguay in Mercosur and Unasur, integrationist blocks to which it is now suspended.

EU supports ASEAN in South China Sea issue
Rappler, May 17, 2013 – In a statement, the DFA said that the EU reiterated its support “for the peaceful settlement of disputes in the South China Sea in accordance with international law, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).”

Iraq regains high posts in Arab League
Kuwait News Agency, May 17, 2013 – Al-Azawi added that Jawad’s new post reflected on Iraq’s resumption of high ranking posts in the League, an indication that Iraq has returned to play a bigger role and improve Arab joint work.

Unasur Defence Council meets Thursday and Friday in Lima
Radio Programas del Perú, May 16, 2013 (Google Translate) – At the Eighth Meeting of the Executive of CSD Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) involve the vice defense ministers from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Surinam and Venezuela.

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