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EU military police carry out ‘extremely WORRYING’ civil unrest crisis training
Comes on heels of ‘refugee crisis,’ fears that EU could form its own army
The Express (London, UK), April 30, 2016 – The military police group is made up of seven European nations, including Spain, Romania, Poland and Germany, and aims to quell post conflict scenarios within EU member states…. European affairs spokesman for the German Government Andrej Huko …. He claimed that the military force was preparing to shut down “political meetings” and “protests”. He went on to argue that the, “militarisation of the police” is, “extremely worrying and contrary in Germany to the principle of separation of police and military”.

U.S. urges ASEAN unity on South China Sea ruling; warns China on reputation
ASEAN map_1Region-Building: United States worked hard to build up ASEAN
ASEAN - China - South-China-SeaReuters, April 28, 2016 – The ruling is widely expected to favor the Philippines and risks significantly raising regional tensions because China, although a signatory of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea under which the case is being heard, rejects the court’s authority to hear it.
U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken …. said the United States had worked hard to build up the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as an organization that “might feel some greater strength in numbers” to take on difficult issues like the South China Sea.

nafta-flagNORTH AMERICA:
Protests Rage, Mexican Flags Fly Outside CA Trump Rally
Traffic Blocked, Debris Hurled, Windshields SmashedNAU - Caution Sign
Breitbart, April 29, 2016 – Trump supporter Walter Krokosz told Breitbart News, “They were very aggressive. When we were leaving there were a lot of people in cars, Mexican flags hanging out the windows. A guy was doing donuts and the intersection was shut down. We saw people marching through the intersection.” Krokosz is a legal immigrant from Poland and a veteran of the U.S. Army, retired Chief Petty Officer.
Donald Trump Jabs Barack Obama for Taller Fence Around White House – Breitbart, April 28, 2016 – The irony wasn’t lost on Donald Trump, who posted a message to Obama on his Facebook page. “President Obama understands that you build strong, tall, beautiful walls to keep people out who don’t belong,” he wrote, sharing an article about the fence changes. “People who get permission can enter the White House LEGALLY!”

Trump warns against ‘false song of globalism’
‘The nation-state remains the true foundation of happiness and harmony’
Denounces NAFTA, ‘international unions’ jeopardizing U.S. independenceWorld Map wRegions, Titles

The Hill, Arpil 27, 2016 – “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism,” Trump promised during a speech in Washington.
“I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down,” he claimed. “And under my administration, we will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs. The nation-state remains the true foundation of happiness and harmony.” …. NAFTA, Trump said, “has been a total disaster for the United States and has emptied our states of our manufacturing and our jobs.”
The list of “international unions” to which Trump refers includes more than just the more commonly known United Nations, World Trade Organization, and NATO, all of which have the United States as the chief sustaining member. It also includes the various continental, regional blocs, such as the European Union, African Union, Eurasian Union and Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). All of these organized blocs of nations are declared to be authorized and under the auspices of the UN, an organization largely underwritten by American taxpayers. Like NAFTA (consisting of North American Free Trade nations Canada, U.S. and Mexico), all of these blocs originated as economic trade blocs. However, officials from each have publicly declared the desire for their bloc to become a geopolitical jurisdiction, so that each bloc would integrate into a federal union of nations, using the EU’s incremental approach as the model.

European Ministers Lay Out Explicit Plan to Create United States of Europe
Plans to merge national forces into European armed forcesEU - european_union_map
Breitbart London, April 24, 2016 – European ministers have explicitly laid out their intentions to create a federal Unites States of Europe, directly contradicting the British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s claims that Britain will not be sucked into a European superstate should the people of Britain vote to remain within the European Union (EU)…. But the emergence of a declaration signed in Rome by European ministers five months previously to Mr Cameron’s announcement reveals that the intention on the continent is to press ahead with the creation of a federal Europe

Weekend Roundup:
Why the World Is Not Falling Apart as Much as You May Think

‘Not fragmentation of countries but integration within regions’
The World Post (Huffington Post, Berggruen Institute), April 22, 2016 – By most accounts, the world is splintering. Geopolitical blocs are forming once again, the nuclear arms race is reigniting and religious war rages. Globalization is in retreat as publics across the planet suspect trade agreements, politicians talk about building walls and refugees are turned away. Yet, as Parag Khanna, author of the new book, “Connectography,” writes this week from Singapore, “the same world that appears to be falling apart is actually coming together.”
“It turns out,” says Khanna, “that what most defines the emerging world is not fragmentation of countries but integration within regions.” He illustrates with maps how “major world regions are forging dense infrastructural connectivity and reorienting their relations around supply chains rather than borders” and speculates that, “a peaceful world may emerge as a collection of such stable regions and continents.”
History has demonstrated that such larger geopolitical jurisdictions will not bring a “peaceful world,” but an oppression of populations by the fascist-minded feudal lords of this “new mercantilism.”

UNASUR - FLAG - 119 x 73UNASUR - Clenched FistUNASUR:
Lessons from Latin America on Fighting Colonialism
UNASUR ‘specifically created to…provide a counterbalance for a multipolar world, modeled off of the European Union’
teleSUR (Venezuela), April 23, 2016 – On World Anti-Colonialism Day, teleSUR looks at exemplary achievements in decolonization from the other side of the world, Latin America, that continue to inspire its Afro-Asian allies….
Regional integration began as an anti-colonial fight with Simon Bolivar, and regional bodies remain one of the most powerful ways of countering outside threats and strengthening domestic peace and development. The continent has several regional bodies, but UNASUR and ALBA were specifically created to promote regional development and provide a counterbalance for a multipolar world, modeled off of the European Union. UNASUR, officially born in 2008, is comprised of 12 South American nations: Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname and Uruguay.

Eurasec FlagEU-flageurasian-european_unionsEURASIAN UNION, EUROPEAN UNION:
EU integration sets pattern for Eurasian Economic Union — Kazakh FM
‘Largely inspired by the model of the EU integration’
‘Able to establish economic and political integration’

TASS (Russia), April 22, 2016 – The integration processes in the European Union have become an example for creating the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov said on Friday speaking at the XIII Eurasian Media Forum in Astana. “Our idea of the Eurasian economic integration was largely inspired by the model of the EU integration,” he said during a debate on the EU’s future.”TASS (Russia), April 22, 2016 – The integration processes in the European Union have become an example for creating the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister Erlan Idrissov said on Friday speaking at the XIII Eurasian Media Forum in Astana. “Our idea of the Eurasian economic integration was largely inspired by the model of the EU integration,” he said during a debate on the EU’s future.”

Free trade area v single market – what’s the difference?
After Brexit, UK would be part of EU ‘Free Trade Zone’ but not ‘single market’
5 Levels of Economic IntegrationEU poster Many Tongues One Voice 2EU 'Tower of Babel'BBC News, April 19, 2016 – The UK economy could thrive outside the European Union, but may not form part of the single market, Leave campaign leader Michael Gove has said…. A free trade area is one where there are no tariffs or taxes or quotas on goods and/or services from one country entering another…. A single market is like a free trade area in that there are no tariffs quotas or taxes on trade but also where there is free movement of goods, services, capital and people. That is why there is no limit on the number of French people who can come to the UK, or the number of British people who can live in Spain, but there are limits on Turks or Ukrainians….
The EU is therefore not a free trade area – it is a single market.
Bible verse linked to Brexit mural appears on gable wall in Tiger’s Bay
‘Come out of her, my people’
BBC News, April 20, 2016 – A bible verse mural linked to a possible Brexit has appeared on a wall in the Tiger’s Bay area of Belfast. Someone wrote across the gable wall “Vote leave EU – Revelation chapter 18 verse 4.” The verse is: “And I heard another voice from the heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye not be partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”
Rev. 18:4 is an appropriate counter to the EU’s mocking rejection of Genesis chapter 11 and its warning against Tower-of-Babel-style utopian central planning. The EU’s determination to supersede God’s establishment of the limited jurisdiction of nations is reflected in the Council of Europe’s campaign illustration and slogan, as shown above: EUROPE: MANY TONGUES, ONE VOICE, an overt reference to Genesis 11.

UNASUR - FLAG - 119 x 73UNASUR - Clenched FistUNASUR:
6 Very Interesting Facts About UNASUR on Its Ninth Anniversary
Intended to turn into EU-type bloc with parliament, currency
teleSUR (Venezuela), April 17, 2016 – UNASUR, which is integrated by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, Chile and Venezuela, is intended to be turned into a European Union type bloc, with a unified passport, a parliament, and a single currency by 2019.

Eurasec FlagEurasianEconomicUnionEURASIAN UNION:
Option of Single Eurasian Economic Union Currency on the Table – Putin
Sputnik (Russia), April 14, 2016 – The introduction of a single currency for the Eurasian Economic Union is a big question, but possible once the economic situations in the member states even out, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday…. Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs vice president Alexander Murychev argued late in 2014 that economic integration within the EEU would help member state economies reduce their dependence on the dollar and the euro.

GCC flagArab League flagisrael-flagGCC, ARAB LEAGUE & ISRAEL:

Analysis: Saudi-Egypt deals part of Gulf effort to unite Sunnis against Iran
gulf_cooperation_council_v20Israel not opposed to ‘Sunni Axis’
Jerusalem Post, April 13, 2016 – Recently signed agreements between Saudi Arabia and Egypt appear to be part of a broader Saudi effort to build a regional Sunni alliance against Iran, yet the results of such an alliance are still lacking….
Israel is not opposed to the return of two Red Sea islands from Egypt to Saudi Arabia or the plan to build a bridge connecting the two Arab countries, because it sees the Arabs trying to unite against the Iranian threat. “It relates to us and it does not bother us,” MK Tzachi Hanegbi, who heads parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee, told Israel’s Army Radio in an interview.
“We have an interest in expanding the cooperation in the Sunni axis, which is struggling against the radical axis headed by Iran,” said Hanegbi.
From the archives:
The EU Offers a Model for Unifying the Middle East – Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), June 19, 2014 – Not long ago, Europe was a continent that resembled how the Middle East looks today…. Yet there is reason to hope Europe’s past and present can inform the Middle East’s future…. After all, most of its problems – terrorism, poverty, unemployment, sectarianism, refugee crises, water shortages – require regional answers. No country can solve its problems on its own.
This is the standard line that the CFR globalists are using to build every emerging regional bloc on earth, and it will increasingly be heard in “North America” as well.

Media still disconnected from Asean Community: The Nation columnist
‘Asean Community is here, and it is real’
The Nation/Asia News Network | The Straits Times (Singapore), April 11, 2016 –
All along, the media had been zeroing in on their countries’ nation-building efforts – and neglecting to report on the five-decade-old process of community-building in the region….
Unlike other regional organisations in the world, including the much-emulated European Union, Asean attempted to integrate member states coming from completely different political and economic systems into one unit – without any pre-condition or grace period.

The community-building process to integrate all 10 Asean economies was not an event to be commemorated, as the media would like to portray. Instead, it has been a bumpy journey to integration since Asean’s birth, along a road dotted with potholes. So, lo and behold, the Asean Community is here, and it is real…. Given this reality, it is about time that journalists from all media platforms, traditional and digital, do their job to inform the public about opportunities and challenges in ways that enhance connectivity among their countries, institutions – and most importantly – the 625 million Asean citizens.

EU wants control of YOUR pension: Brussels’ secret plan REVEALED
EU - european_union_mapThe European Union is planning a power grab for the UK welfare state in a bid to take control of pensions, benefits and the minimum wage.
Express (London, UK), April 11, 2016 – Senior MEPs fear Brussels is planning a “social union” but legislation is being held back until after June’s referendum. Already plans for a common European unemonth by Commissioner Marianne Thyssen and would start with the eurozone countries but would see other EU members put under strong pressure to join.
BOMBSHELL BRUSSELS ADMISSION: EU chief drops HUGE gaffe which shows why we need a Brexit
The European Union is actively making workers across the continent POORER, a top Brussels finance chief admitted today.
Express (London, UK), April 8, 2016 – German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel dropped the stunning gaffe whilst discussing the policies of the European Central Bank (ECB)…. Speaking today, Mr Gabriel told reporters that the ECB’s ultra-low interest rates are making “little people” like workers and pensioners poorer. The bank – which is run by the 19 Eurozone nations – recently cut its interest rate to -0.4% in a desperate bid to encourage borrowing to kickstart the bloc’s ailing economy. But a period of prolonged negative interest rates has had a devastating effect on savers and lower earners, who have seen the value of their take-home money shrink in real terms.

EALA to sensitize Ugandans on integration

Members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) have embarked on a sensitization and outreach drive across member states over the role of each stakeholder in the integration process. – See more at:

‘Sensitising Citizens’ to the New Regional Order
‘Targeting on Institutions of Higher Learning,’ Media, Business and Parliaments
New Vision (Uganda), April 7, 2016 – Members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) have embarked on a sensitization and outreach drive across member states over the role of each stakeholder in the integration process…. “We are targeting institutions of high learning, the media, private sector business community and parliaments. We have set our time table in a way that will address both the 9th and 10th parliaments of Uganda and in the second phase we shall spread out to rural communities and tap into the grassroots,” Okopa further noted. He said the activities will focus on sensitizing citizens on the overall integration process, promote liaison with parliaments and key stakeholders and boost the mantra for integration of civil society and the private sector.
From the archives…
EAC to draft constitution for political federation
New Vision (Uganda), Sept 12, 2013 – The East African Community (EAC) is to name a team to draft the Constitution for the regional political federation….[Ambassador] Hatega said Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda started on the process in June and were later joined by Burundi during the August Mombasa summit. He explained that the treaty that established the EAC stipulated four steps namely the customs union, common market, monetary union and the final stage of political federation.

nafta-flagNAU - Caution SignNORTH AMERICA:
Obama Claims Power to Make Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Social Security, Disability
CNS News, April 6, 2016 – Does the president of the United States have the power to unilaterally tell millions of individuals who are violating federal law that he will not enforce that law against them now, that they may continue to violate that law in the future and that he will take action that makes them eligible for federal benefit programs for which they are not currently eligible due to their unlawful status? Through Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, President Barack Obama is telling the Supreme Court exactly this right now.

GCC flagArab League flaggulf_cooperation_council_v20GCC, ARAB LEAGUE:
Fifth World Gov’t Summit to be held in Dubai in 2017
Arabian Business, April 5, 2016 – The fifth World Government Summit will be held from February 12-14, 2017 and will debate the economy and finance as well as health, education and government services….establishing a new partnership with International Monetary Fund while enhancing its partnerships with major international organisations, including the United Nations, World Bank, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and World Economic Forum, in addition to the Arab League and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf [Gulf Cooperation Council]. More than 4,500 participants from 130 countries attended the fourth World Government Summit which witnessed an address by US President Barack Obama….
BH 3Kuwait supports the establishment of a unified Arab customs union
Middle East Monitor, April 5, 2016 – The director of Kuwait’s North Port Customs Walid Al-Nasser said on Monday that his country supports the establishment of a unified Arab customs union. Al-Nasser made his remarks on the sidelines of the 33rd meeting of the Arab Commission for the Unified Customs Tariff at the Arab League headquarters, Kuwait News Agency reported…. Al-Nasser also stressed the benefits of the GCC unified customs union.

nafta-flagNORTH AMERICA:
Leftists Organize to Silence Border Patrol Agents Over Trump Endorsement
NAU - Caution SignBreitbart, April 1, 2016 – The Huffington Post reported that the open-borders extremist group, Not1More, is a “prominent immigrants rights group” and that they were behind an effort to have the AFL-CIO kick out the National Border Patrol Council from its ranks. Not1More derives its name from the idea that “not one more” illegal alien should be deported from the U.S.
The NBPC’s endorsement letter for Trump follows:

March 30, 2016

The National Border Patrol Council is the official organization representing our nation’s Border Patrol Agents. We represent 16,500 agents who selflessly serve this country in an environment where our own political leaders try to keep us from doing our jobs….
You can judge a man by his opponents: all the people responsible for the problems plaguing America today are opposing Mr. Trump. It is those without political power – the workers, the law enforcement officers, the everyday families and community members – who are supporting Mr. Trump….
There is no greater physical or economic threat to Americans today than our open border. And there is no greater political threat than the control of Washington by special interests. In view of these threats, the National Border Patrol Council endorses Donald J. Trump for President – and asks the American people to support Mr. Trump in his mission to finally secure the border of the United States of America, before it is too late.

GCC flagGCC:
Joint Gulf army becoming a reality – Oman said to opt out
gulf_cooperation_council_v20Arab Times (Kuwait), April 3, 2016 – The establishment of a joint Gulf army is becoming a reality with the final agreement on the formation of a great defensive and offensive military system with the participation of all military sectors, and decision of the Gulf states to build a number of nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting informed sources. The sources revealed the allocation of a common budget to support the Gulf project and make it a success so that it can preserve the unity of the Gulf territory from external threats, disclosing that all the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries except Oman have agreed to participate in the Gulf army.
Obama to attend GCC summit in Saudi Arabia – Financial Express (
Bangladesh), April 2, 2016 – US President Barack Obama will visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on April 21 …. While there, he will participate in a summit with leaders from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates …. to review progress in strengthening US-GCC security cooperation….

Developing the Trans Arabian Network
DVIDS (Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System), 4th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (Courtesy Story By Col. Michael Malone, 1TSC OCP (4ESC) Distribution Management Center Chief) March 29, 2016 – The TAN includes most of the countries in the Arabian Peninsula – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen – and most countries in the Levant: Sinai Egypt, Israel and Jordan. The development of the TAN is a CENTCOM strategic priority. The TAN is the interconnection of important sea ports, air ports and road networks within these countries and having access is necessary to facilitate and move all Department of Defense cargo. In order to optimize use, the TAN must be multimodal in nature – ground, air, and sea….
Diplomatic clearances, contracting process, contractor reliability, restriction on military moves, restrictions on the type of cargo and relationships of the various nations are all constraints that must be addressed with every shipment. Diplomatic clearances is one of the most constricting and challenging of the constraints. Each country has different clearance processes and timelines. Timelines are as short as five days for Jordan and Kuwait, but as long as 45 days for Qatar with the rest of the countries somewhere in between. Engagement by the U.S. Department of State through the various embassies is necessary to streamline the process and leverage Department of Defense capabilities to deliver supplies to warfighters throughout the region.
The partnered countries would improve logistic capability along with improved coordination among the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
The U.S. “region-building” policy for Sunni Arab countries will use this defense logistics pretext to further integrate the GCC nations into a greater Sunni Arab Union, like the European Union.

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