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VIDEO: The Case for a Creator (Full Movie Playlist)                                                     VIDEO: Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut (Full Movie)

PASSOVER – Zola Levitt                                             Adrian Rogers – How to Be Saved and Know ItPlaylist: Eternal Security of the Believer

Proof that God Exists:                                                                                                                                                      Logic                                                        science                                                    morality 








                                                                                                                                   ‘BIRTH OF YESHUA-JESUS DURING SUCCOTH’   

God's Day One Creation TheDaysofThesKings                                                                                                                                               God's Day Five Creation

VIDEO: Richard Dawkins vs. Ben Stein                VIDEO: Dawkins Admits His Faith                      VIDEO: Is Dawkins Really Stumped?

VIDEO: World’s Most Famous Atheist Accepts                                               VIDEO: 70 Weeks Prophecy #7:                                                           Existence of God because of Science                                                                    NASA Lunar Data and Calculation of the 69 Weeks

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