Brexit and the Globalist Response
By Tim Porter,
June 27, 2016

Brexit, the British exit from the European Union, is a major breakthrough for the independence of nations. Freedom lovers all over the world have been hoping for such a watershed event to encourage other national populations to reclaim their sovereignty and independence from globalist multilateralism. However, today’s Brits will have to be diligent to guard against the deception that is coming next.

The globalist establishment is adept at creating crises. More than once it has been willing to concede a step backward in order to take two steps forward in its trek toward a world order of regional and continental jurisdictions.

Since the Brexit vote, several events have already begun to unfold that reveal how the globalists will respond. Their influence over global markets has allowed them to trigger an economic crisis. In addition, elitist leaders in Scotland have shown that the historic Scottish separatist movement has been co-opted and is now fraudulent, as it is designed to maintain Scottish dependence within the EU.

Along with an economic crisis, Scottish separation would serve to fragment and emasculate the United Kingdom in its protracted resistance to the EU leviathan. This “divide and conquer” strategy is also evident as the major influence behind the modern Basque movement in Spain and France, and the Catalonia movement in France, among similar movements in other European nations.

All of this is will be used to pressure the UK population to feel a “buyer’s remorse” and eventually to reapply for EU membership. And keep in mind the EU policy that all new applicant nations must agree to accept the Euro as their currency. This could have been the Bloc Heads’ strategy all along to jettison the British pound.

The elitist control over international media will continue to go into yellow-journalism mode to whip up a frenzy over these events. They will continue to portray nationalist independence movements as jack-booted isolationism and xenophobia, ignoring the fact that the independence and limited jurisdiction of nation-states is the ultimate “check and balance” against the voracious appetite of elitist big government to grow into authoritarian world government.

The elitists’ media propaganda ignores the fact, for example, that when a group of American colonists founded an independent nation under the US Constitution, it was not a xenophobic act. Rather, their system of checks-and-balances and limited jurisdiction recognized that they did not trust each other — all of them “lily white” — with expanded, unchecked power. They controlled their borders for security against being royally terrorized by the British from which they came.

They desired to engage and trade with other nations, provided that trade was not detrimental to their own nation’s economic security. One of the few and defined powers that they delegated to the US federal government was that Congress was to “regulate commerce with foreign nations….” (Article I, Section 8, U.S. Constitution). No authority was given to Congress to “eliminate regulation” by throwing their hands up and ceding that power to an expanded regulatory jurisdiction of “NAFTA tribunals,” the TPP, WTO or any other such globalist institution.

In reality, it is the globalists themselves who are jack-booted, and their created-crisis strategy is identical to that employed by the old communist system. That system allowed for the rise of dissent only so much as to expose the dissenters, and to co-opt, sabotage and demonize the opposition. They could then accelerate their oppression under a renewed, popular mandate and consolidation of power. This realization is no excuse not to oppose and reprove such an evil strategy today, but it should be a sobering consideration upon doing so — not only in the UK and Europe, but in the US as well.

No matter what one’s take is on the Bible’s Revelation narrative, this lesson should be taken seriously today: The antichrist is portrayed as establishing his “world order” out of his own created chaos. Revelation states that “he causeth all to receive a mark….” (Revelation 13: 16-18 KJV). This indicates that his order-out-of-chaos is not a reactive decree but a managed deception.

And it also indicates that the Bible narrative has accurately defined the evil, Machiavellian spirit of that yet-future antichrist as identical to the present created-crisis strategy of the globalists. Indeed, “the mystery of iniquity doth already work” (II Thessalonians 2:7).

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