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Asean may displace China as economic hub
‘Not Africa, not Latin America, not Europe, not US…. It’s Southeast Asia’
ASEAN map_1
Inquirer (Philippines), Jan 21, 2016 – It’s bound to be an “evolution” than a “revolution” but the newly-created Asean Economic Community (AEC) is seen to become the “center of the universe” and replace what used to be a China-dominated Asian economic narrative, said a regional executive of American banking giant Citibank…. “It’s also very clear that the center of the universe suddenly becomes us, amongst all other areas, not Africa, not Latin America, not Europe, not US—they’ve got their own issues. It’s Southeast Asia,” Low said.  “This is why I feel so positive and encouraged by the medium-term prospects of Asean.”
GET READY FOR THE AEC – by the Philippine ABAC

It’s sure to be a significant return on investment that can be realized just by tapping into the business climate within the globalists’ “region-building” strategy to empower ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). The ten ASEAN members include communist Vietnam and other repressive regimes like Myanmar (Burma) and Cambodia, along with Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore. This bloc of nations recently took the next step toward economic/political integration, patterned after the open borders of the European Union, by announcing the launch of the “ASEAN Economic Community.” Remember when the EU was first the “European Economic Community” in the 1950s and ’60s?

And please don’t buy into the rhetoric that the EU is falling apart. Many have been saying that for decades. All the while, the EU’s perpetual economic/financial crises, along with the current “refugee” debacle, only serve the Machiavellian globalists in their effort to overwhelm populations within member nations, and to erode their capacity to resist the further surrendering of sovereignty into a centrally controlled EU superstate. Through similar crises and  by European Commission

conflict, other regional blocs are being forged into existence, including those among the seemingly disparate nations of South America (UNASUR), Vladimir Putin’s Eurasian Union, and the Sunni kingdoms of the Arabian Peninsula, headed by Saudi Arabia. And in many of these and other regional blocs, US taxpayers’ foreign aid is providing the means.

The globalist strategy is clear: We Americans empower these regional blocs as economic and security threats to ourselves, so that globalists can then cite these threats as incentive for the U.S. to further open its borders to a North American bloc, to “keep up with the competition.” Doubt it? Read this:

US Border Agents to Inspect US-Bound Trucks on Mexican Soil
Sharing Intelligence, ‘Joint Border Management in its Early Stages’

‘Closer Border Ties’ include only cross-border airport outside the European Union
ABC News, Jan 12, 2016 – For the first time, U.S. border authorities will inspect trucks entering the United States on Mexican soil, working simultaneously with Mexican counterparts. The new facility in Tijuana, which aims to reduce congestion and speed cargo crossings into San Diego, overcame resistance in Mexico to letting U.S. officials carry guns.… The new “pre-inspection” facilities effectively meld two stops into one…. The latest demonstration of closer border ties came a month after a group of U.S. and Mexican investors opened an air terminal in San Diego with a bridge that crosses a razor-wire border fence to Tijuana’s airport, believed to be the only cross-border airport outside the European Union….
“Mexico has been very sensitive about U.S. agents operating on Mexican soil for the last couple centuries, since the Mexican-American War but particularly since the 1980s,” Wilson said. “It’s an issue of national sovereignty.…”

Of course that works both ways, but the media will not discuss the threat to U.S. sovereignty. This same consolidation of border facilities — and of visa programs — is being planned among member nations within all other regional blocs, and several of these blocs have already publicly stated their desire to federate their member nations, all in the name of “free trade.”

Still not convinced? Just scroll down the article links and summaries from the past several months on the News Updates page at CircumspectNews.com and it should become abundantly clear to you. Unless Americans realize that most of the crises around the world — and within America itself — are due to this “free trade” dereliction and “region-building” strategy, and unless they then confront politicians with this reality, the 2016 election will do nothing to reverse this course.

Then, the globalists can continue with their lucrative strategy to consolidate power in what Henry Kissinger called their “new mercantilism” of “competing regional units.” You can take that to the bank, if you don’t have a conscience.

Tim Porter, CircumspectNews.com – Jan 25, 2016

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